Alliance war rewards

È inconcepibile, non si può perdere 48 ore nel gioco per strategie e attacchi nella guerra e dopo, da vincitori, avere dei premi del genere…

Non è possibile, almeno per il bottino di guerra. Questi premi vanno rivisti, almeno qui si potrebbe avere qualcosa di Meglio, ma no random come al solito. È proprio una presa in giro.

It is inconceivable, you can’t lose 48 hours in the game to organize strategies and attacks for the war and later, as winners, have some awards like that …
It is not possible, at least only in the war. These awards should be reviewed, at least here you could obtain something better, but no random as usual. It’s just a joke.


I fully agree.Strategies, heroes, communications, sleepless hours for what? And just put herbs and banners in all the prizes. What sense does it give me premium materials that I can farm in the 2!

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We also won the war.
The prizes are terrible!
You can simply stop paying the developers. I will no longer spend a single dollar in this game. This is deception and disappointment.
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I hope DEVS take care about theese feedback and think about improving awards for the next war.


I’m not sure where he placed in the points, but I think like nearly everything else in the game, the rewards are probably linked to how well you do in the point structure and a bit of luck one way or the other.

Incredibile… . This is the reward of player’s best score in the winner team


Well, loot will still be random, but Petri’s already posted that based on feedback, war loot and revive times are being adjusted.


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My loot was garbage; no reported rare mats yet.

Quick question: why would anyone think the rewards are any more or less random than everything else in this game? Plus, come on guys and gals, SMALL sample size here.

And this is a new feature to entertain us, and after playing it in beta, I can say that the rare mats DO exist (and are just as random as anything else) and that it is a lot of fun, so any bonus mats are great. I do understand that extra time is invested for you all at the top, though. That is why you are there :slight_smile:


I also participated in the war, and I too was not awarded any rare or epic materials, however I won’t complain about the healing potion and feather I got for my efforts. My alliance won though, boohoo! In my alliance we slay 10* titans every day without fail. Sometimes I preform really well,and sometimes I don’t. One thing that remains consistent is that I don’t always get the best loot. Even when I’m awesome, loot is not promised. This new war aspect of the game doesn’t need to break the mold. It is a very demanding and challenging aspect of the game, and requires a ton of effort, strategy, and communication between team mates, but that does not mean it should guarantee the best rewards, anymore than all the effort to develop Titan teams and strategy does. I’d love to have all the materials to finish all my heroes, and be unstoppable with god mode, and point everyone else and say I’m better than you… but no… I actually wouldn’t. I may have character flaws, but I’m not I jerk like that. I love the competition. I love the grind. Love the feeling of getting that desperately needed item for the hero I’ve been so longing to ascend. If you make these things commonplace, you take away a big chunk of the heart of this game. To me, and I’m probably in the minority here, they just gave us a huge new super fun way to get a couple more CHANCES at that rush of joy per week. I’m grateful and hope they don’t break to game to feed instant gratification. End rant, mic drop.


I know some people got Orbs, Shields and Hidden Blades. Even 4* ascension items.

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i must have missed this. Can you tell me where Petri said its being revised? Thanks!

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Jesus can you people be more ungrateful? The whole point is FUN. and the thing was amazingly FUN.

If you didn’t enjoy the war on its own merits then I’m not sure what’s going to make people happy.

like anything else some people got ascension mats, some didn’t. sort of like a titan. I got grimoire dust. yay.

I don’t disagree the loot should be improved to more like titan slots, but if the only reason you wanted alliance war is the expectation that ascension mats were going to rain from sky…:grimacing:


We updated the announcement: Alliance Wars Approaching (Details & Information)!

Update 1 Mar: We will be rolling out the wars to a larger number of alliances tomorrow. Based on the player feedback and our findings, we have now adjusted the revival times and war loot.


Oh neat! the loot is already updated? Nice job SG!!!


Well in all fairness, SG themselves announced proudly that they were working on new ways to gain ascension materials and that wars was going to be a big part of it.

When people do 6 hits, are topscorer of 60 people and still get at most hardwood lumber i can fully understand why they’d be disappointed.


Why come up with something new while we have been waiting for season 2 for a year? The rewards are really pathetic.
I hope that season 2 will be launched soon.

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right, but unless they are going to guarantee items, which would totally speed up the game since AW schedule seems to be twice per week, then it’s pretty much titan-like RNG.

I’m seeing a larger trend of people who seem to be playing specifically for the REWARDS, rather than enjoying the game and getting rewards as you go. Though why I was surprised that there was complaining when everyone didn’t get super 3LEET haxx0r l00t for participating is my bad.


I’m okay with Titan-like RNG, BUT I’d like to be getting 8*-10* Titan loot, not 3*.

Is AW fun? Sure. Love it. But this thread is about war loot, and it didn’t match the expectations many had based on SG’s statements.


I dunno we seemed to have 7-10 ppl get ascension mats just from looking at chat (@Revelate correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t see the count), which seems to be right in line with high level titan loot.

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