Alliance War Revive Timer Proposal

I wanted to make a proposal (I sent this to SGG already, but wanted to get public feedback) concerning AW revive timers.

In the mid-tier and lower alliances, there were lots of reports in the previous wars that teams were only targeting the weakest teams over and over, which doesn’t make for a good war. So the timers were increased to the 6, 8, 10 hour times.

Now at the top end, this has led to the situation where both sides wipe the other relatively easy and HAS to wait for revival to use flags. Currently 7DD is matched vs Aggressive and both alliances were easily wiping each other with flags to spare and sitting around watching and waiting (just like Maul and Obi-wan waiting for the laser barrier to drop).

Now 7DD is mostly US players but also a fair number of EMEA players, where aggressive is primarily Eastern Europe and Russia based (from what I understand, correct me if I’m wrong). Now when teams revived, most of 7dd was awake and we wiped them and even with 8 hour revival, will get to do a third round of full hits (i.e. more points). Whereas most of the Aggressive folks are asleep and even if they wake up 6-7am Russia time, maybe there’s 8.5-9 hours left. Which means if they wipe us a 2nd time, to even get a third round of hits, most of their alliance will need to be on in the final 30-60 minutes.

Now that doesn’t seem fair since AW was supposed to be long enough to make it time-zone agnostic (i.e. start time doesn’t favor one time zone area over another).

So with the goals of:

  1. being time-zone agnostic so no time zone group has an advantage based on AW start time AND
  2. dissuading people from only ganging up on the weak defenses over and over

we’d like to propose the following:

  • if the entire alliance, all 30 defense teams, are defeated, immediately cut the revive time in half. Or immediately revive all 30 teams.

This will eliminate any potential time zone advantage that’s seemed to creep in with much longer revive times AND clearly if you’ve wiped out all 30 defense teams, you are NOT just preying on the weakest members.

Happy to hear others’ thoughts on this…



My alliance doesn’t have this problem but see the need and think that this should certainly be considered. Very good idea

Better solution imo is if heroes only get to be used once for attack treat the defense the same… If folks had to queue up multiple defense teams there’s a better reason for leveling multiples of a hero. It’s quite easy to just scrape a team together for offense, actually putting time into coding a better defense set up altogether would push for more strategy to become involved.

Of course overhauling the code isn’t what people want to hear at this point, nonetheless it would eliminate revival times altogether and solve your problem.

If you wipe the entire opposing team why not just revive everyone instantly clearing they are not picking on only the weak teams. Why wait to revive if everyone is dead makes no sense.


Sure. I’d personally be fine with that. Heh, I’ll edit my OP.

I like the idea of having 6 different defensive teams. Revives for defensive teams weakens the strategic value of AW as a whole.


I agree with the revival of the defense immediately upon killing the entire team. You should never have times when someone cannot attack, and that is exactly what happens now. In addition, if both teams kill three of each hero in the current setup, that is not a good outcome even though it will rarely happen.

All three of our wars had opponents who used the attack weak teams strategy. The immediate revival would make even more incentive to attack the top teams.


I like the idea of having multiple defense teams. If your team is defeated, the next one takes its place. That would even out the inexperienced players who may not be able to field more than 2 or 3 defense teams, just like they might have trouble fielding more than a couple of offense teams. Only problem with this would be that everyone could still focus on the weaker teams and obliterate wave after wave of them while avoiding the stronger teams entirely.

In another thread I advocated increasing the points gained from destroying a stronger team to incentivize it. I think combining these 2 suggestions would fill the gaps nicely.


I’ll place my vote on the revive everyone if they are all dead idea.

Do not like the idea of multiple defense teams.


Yes revive all after a full alliance wipe makes sense. Those that want to smash weaker teams will have to take out the top defenses or just wait.

Bring em all back - I like it!

Posted similarly yesterday; full revive when everyone is dead keeps both with the spirit and intention of the current revival times (preventing the farming of weaker players) and also utterly solves the no targets available issue and reduces the time zone advantage for high tier alliances.

With zero downside for any other alliance either.

More specific thoughts from me and @Kerridoc were here:


yes, to be clear this wasn’t an idea I came up with, just something that we (include Rev) had discussed in alliance chat (or discord or line, i forget) and I wanted to give it its own topic so it wasn’t lost in the noise.

Now they do that + matching based on aggregate hero power strength of top 30 hereos + not let people join into the war after matching is done, then you’ll have a really fairly based matching with a scoring system that works for high-end alliances (revive if all dead) and lower-powered alliances (bonus points for kill so 2-3 lower teams can gang up to finish off a cleanup and contribute significant points). Then, IMO, it will be really great.


I’m just curious, how many times do the top alliances usually wipe each other out?

Just heard that 7DD had final score of 9300 in the latest war, that means about 4,5 wipes.
But that was a mismatch, I think the normal situation is something like 6k points maybe? meaning around 3 team wipes.

@Dante2377 can give specifics. I’m just telling what I’ve heard.

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Mismatch? How at 7dd’s level do they get mismatches … I mean they should always be paired to an aliance in the top 20 or so … right?

They won 9300-3800. Opponent was rank 17 and they had 2 or 3 player less. So yeah, mismatch even in top 20. About how it happened? Well only SG know that.

Matches made against - Titan score, Top 5 heroes or still top 30?

When the prep phase started, i.e. matching, our opponents were rank 24 and had 30/30. 3 players either dropped out or pulled their defense after that before war started. FYI they are now full at 30/30 FWIW.

But it was indeed a lopsided match and the most lopsided we’ve had. I don’t think we’ve faced someone outside the top 10 before, but I don’t keep track of our war results and data, someone else does that. This was definitely a bench strength mis-match. The opponent had a good number of early one-shots (pretty much every war starts with someone on the other side one-shotting Zero) but ran out of steam in the second half.

While facing the same 6-10 alliances over time could get tiresome, right now at this point it isn’t, especially as I’m guessing people are gunning for us, because who doesn’t want to knock off people at the top. I know I would (and do in other games). But it does look like 1 vs 20-something isn’t a good match yet at this point.

Eries - I believe the matching was no titan score, top 30 with extra weight to the top 5, but honestly at this point, I don’t really know anymore. I just show up and hit. :slight_smile:

If you’re (presumably) Darth maul, and aggressive are obi-wan, I don’t recall that ending well…

From the point of view of a junior alliance (we only have one player 3000+) we occasionally knock out all the opposition and if they immediately sprang back to life, it would give the lowest ranked teams a shot at points. If all that’s left are big hitters, teams around the 2000 mark struggle to take out one fully levelled healer.

Also, I’m going to claim to be ‘time zone agnostic’ if I’m late for work :joy:

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