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Is there been a change in the rule about revive time? I understood that it was 6h - 8 h - 10 h… meaning that unless a complete wipe of the battlefield it is possible kill a single team only 3 times but during last war we were able to kill some teams 4 times without a wipe.
First line/lines each screenshot - gladys was killed 4 times, so some others.

If you go into the war and click on gladys what is the bonus point for victory? Seems weird that 3 times it is 58 and the fourth is 59?

Rounding error for 20 characters

I noticed it often… when it takes more than 1 round to kill the whole team the sum of the points earned is total points plus 1, in this case 14 from heroes bonus 14 from team kill bonus, plus 1…that plus 1

Really? That’s a bug then… @Petri could you please confirm if this is intentional or bug?

I agree it could be done differently. They could give points for each HP-point threshold reached. e.g. A team with a total of 500 HP and worth 10 points(plus 10 bonus points). If the attack removes 49 or less HP, 0 points would be given. If the attack removes 50 to 99 HP, 1 point would be given, etc.

However, I don’t think people would prefer this. I think they’d be more bothered by attacking, removing HP and getting 0 points. Than by a free 1 point given out during some attacks.

Partial points appear to get rounded up, probably because people would legitimately complain to high heaven about not getting points they earned if they didn’t.

Which just means instead people complain just as much because the maths doesn’t add up. :roll_eyes:

Lol…ofc it’s 29 and 29 +1. :slight_smile:

Btw…you can see this +1 in the 3rd image too…3rd and 4th lines. Mj_jan needed 2 rounds to eliminate bigchesse’s team, I write down the numbers and he had a 43+43 bonus but the sum is 87.
So no feedback on the 4th kill?

Points also vary during the 24 hours of the war; they appear to be re-calculated each battle.

If a player withdraws or leaves the alliance, they are all recalculated.

When one person in the alliance levels up a hero on their defense team, or gets a better troop or levels their troops up, their HP will go up, and points across the alliance could end up distributed differently, pushing one team up a point (and presumably another team down a point).

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