Alliance War Reset Timer Question

In alliance wars, when you kill an opponent the first time, how long does the timer run before they reset the first time? The second time? Third time?

i thin you can hir 6x during war - split in 2 time parts. So suden back to the game is only once after you have been killed I think it takes 12 hours?.. But Im not 100%sure

I think the first team reset is 5 hours, but am not sure past that. Killing all opposing teams gives an instant reset of them all.

First 5h, Second 9h, Third 12h


Looks like this has changed since last year. Anyone know the new values? Based on the war going on right now for us, it’s 6 and 8 hour resets for the first two defeats.

Yes, it’s 6, 8 and 10 hours.


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