Alliance war rematch

I think sometimes it would be fun to challenge the other alliance for a rematch. Perhaps the score was so close that you believe next time your alliance would do better. Or you want to try your tactic on an opponent who’s already seen it. When our alliance faced an enemy we faced before, it was more fun as we had more to prove. It would be nice to have an option of rematch on purpose, not just by chance

Here’s the idea:

  • After the war ends and before the matchmaking begins, the alliance leaders would have the option of challenging the other alliance for a rematch
  • If the other alliance accepts, they will face each other again
  • They would get the option of withdrawing the challenge during the time before matchmaking, in case of a mistake or change of hearts in the alliance
  • There would be up to 3 wars in a row allowed between the two alliances

The challenge would be possible even if the number of alliance members changes, though the system would point out in both alliances that there’s been a change.

What do you think about it?

As long as both sides have to agree, it seems fine on the surface.
It’d probably need to restrict it to just the players present for the first match though, to prevent deck stacking with mercs.

Problem is that wars have player input on both sides unlike raid rematches that are player vs AI.

So question is what ways would players find to manipulate the system?

Well, this is the basic idea. I think it could be perfected and hopefully made more manipulation-proof.

However, it’s true that I didn’t think very well through the possible change in alliance members. I was thinking that if one person left or one person came, the alliances would still be able to do the rematch. I have to think about this more to see the possible complications and solutions.

When it comes to player interaction, it would just be the option of a leader to initiate/accept the rematch. Not even a co-leader.

Agreed and i like the rematch idea

Just players have a bad habit of abusing stuff in this game so that’s my only concern

If you or others can come up with those possibilities and minimize those possibilities then come up with a way to make remaining possibilities actually work against the players when they try to take advantage of them, then the idea is on the right track and should be essily implemented

I agree this would be a nice addition to the war match up. Where leaders or co’s could arrange a rematch.
Easy enough to make it the same as before no added players etc. As long as it was a rematch of a randomly generated match up, otherwise way to many chances to abuse the system

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