Alliance war question?

I searched the forums and skimmed through several posts and some of the replies. But, I’m not finding an answer to my question. You can merge this question with another post if it belongs in there…

So question. What level does alliance wars start for a player? My alliance is so small that we fear a member who is quickly approaching is going to be an easy target, so we want to have them opt out until they have built up at least a fully maxed 3* team.

I think Level 12 was what I remember hearing about. How about just request that player to opt out either way?


We are going to do that. At the very least until we get more players in our alliance. We are sitting at 7 now.
I thought it was 12 too, but i can’t find any info about it anywhere.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi i had a war question and I’m not sure where to ask it. I was in an alliance but just left 15hours before war, i was wondering did i mess up their war balance with the other team? Can i go back and help with their war team and leave after it is finished so i dont have a negative effect on their outcome? TIA

@LizzBee It’s actually a little unclear to me how this works now. It used to be that if you left after matchmaking — even if you return —you were still an “Ex-Member” on the battlefield, and couldn’t use your flags.

But the new version 18 made a change to how War Chest resets work, as mentioned in the release notes.

But the release notes don’t clarify if any other changes were made to how the exit/entry for War works.

My guess is it probably works the way it used to, in which case by the time you’ve left after matchmaking happened, you’ve already created some imbalance with the other team, since your alliance will effectively have 6 fewer flags than the other one, and an extra team to clear for board resets.

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Thanks Zephyr i was afraid of that, didn’t realize until after what i was doing, feel bad now for messing them up, were a nice group of people. Thanks again

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You’re welcome! I’m sure you didn’t mean to cause harm.

If it’s appropriate, you could pop back in to tell them/apologize before you head out permanently. Having seen the reactions to a person leaving inadvertently during War a couple times, I suspect they’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea i will do that can you chat without rejoining the alliance?

No, you’d have to rejoin first. If it’s invite-only someone would also have to hit the “approve” button to let you back in, though any Leader/Co-Leader/Elder can do that.

Okay Thanks again for your help.

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I found out about my question. At level 12 you can join war and it automatically opts you in for the first one. Only after that can you watch the tutorial and opt out of future wars

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Hi Zephyr thanks again, i just wanted to update in case anyone else does the same thing and wonders as i did. I went back to apologize like you suggested, but checked the battlefield and noticed i was still active and showing as normal. so i think i may be able to compete for them since it had only been about 30 - 45 minutes. Hope so ‘cause i only wanna upset titans and not real people. Cheers and i really appreciate your help i would never have checked back if not for your advice.


You’re welcome! If you can, post an update after War starts about whether you’re able to participate as usual. That’d be helpful to know for the future. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure opting out the new player is a good idea.

Yes her team is weak but it can only be attacked so many times and does not give many points.

She does not add much to the war score so this tends to even out to.

It is bad for the moral of a new player if she is forced to opt out.

You take away a great learning tool from the new player by excluding her from war.

If you tell her to get enough unleveled 2* heros in his rooster the new player can use all 6 flags and learn a lot about color stacking, war support and other tactics while doing clean up duty which even lets her make a decent amount of points. ( god for moral :smile: )

At least thats the way we do it in our alliance and it seems to build the “corps spirit” quite well.


I agree with you 100%

Hi Zephyr just wanted to touch back, i was able to participate in the war event, it shows as 15-30 minutes i was out before returning. Maybe there is an update delay, longer and i may have been out, but in my case thanks to you and your suggestion i don’t feel like a turd. Thanks again for whispering in my good ear, you are core. Cheers, LizzBee

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Hey @LizzBee, thanks for checking back in, and glad to hear it worked out and you could participate in the War!

That’s definitely useful to know — sounds like as long as you’re present for matchmaking, and then back in before War starts, things still work properly. That’ll be helpful info for anyone who jumps around in multi-alliance families, or pops out momentarily to help with a titan in another alliance.

Enjoy the second half of the War, and good luck!

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I have a little question.

I am the strongest player in my alliance (2500 Cups, 4100 Power) and will go on a vacation where I can not be online to Help in the war. So, should I cancel my participation in the war or not (because my defense Team can help although I won’t be able to Attack)?

What is better for my alliance?
Some experiences?

I would opt out before you go. Otherwise your stronger team adds to the war score, matching the group with a higher level opponent. And you will be on the field, but with no way to use flags and help gain points against them.

Even if they can’t take out your defense team with one hit, they can and will use more than one person to take your team out to reset and just keep hitting the lower ones over and over.

Without your roster being counted in the matchmaking, it gives your group a chance to be matched with an opponent hopefully more in their range.

You should definitely opt out! They will get a much weaker opponent if you are not opted in when matchmaking occurs.

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