Alliance War Proposal

I have seen proposals to penalize those who leave the alliance during the Alliance War. I agree with that. However, my suggestion in terms of activating the game is that all allies earn bonus points for all flag consumption without leaving any flags! How is it? I think it’s okay to have about 100 points. My alliance has almost no flag left. In the alliance war, leaving the flag also affects motivation. It is a proposal that I hope everyone will be active.

Aren’t the points from actually using the flag in the first place good enough? I’d rather see some loot bonus

This proposal is to revitalize those who do not use up the flag in the Alliance War. He didn’t use up the flag because he had only strong enemies left, or he couldn’t get points and didn’t participate in the war, and eventually he quit the game. This is a proposal to raise the motivation of such people.

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