Alliance War Promotions and Chat

Along with “Co leader” and “Elder” promotions, would you be able to add “War Chief” as a possible promotion? Don’t give them the power to kick anyone, but the title implies that they’re the go - to for war strategies and questions.

Also, can there please be a separate war chat for alliances? In my alliance, war is optional and not everyone participates. Those who do participate, however, become frustrated when war strategies get swept away by alliance chatter.

I find this a really good idea!

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I concur with both @DarkMagician and @carolinexss yes…

  • a War general role makes sense - you can have multiple elders or co-leaders but should have ONE war general (the go to person for war) as at times there can be too many chiefs :face_with_head_bandage:


A ministry of defense was perfect.

If one or more doesn’t matter, but having e.g. abilities to opt in/out (also popular suggest), maybe swap war defenses (only fielded, not bench) to match tanks and a separate war chat would be nice features.

Choosing field aid was cool, too.

And maybe 3 additional flags for the whole alliance, which could be distributed to the fielded.


Voted as well. Like it

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Thank you, everyone!

We have done pretty much that already, just assign leadership names to those it concerns like we recruitment officer, war strategist, a defense team analyst etc.

Being able to display those titles would be great though.



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