Alliance war problem

I just killed my opponent during alliance war when the game suddenly stopped. When i ca me back team was used but I won nothing and lu opponent was back alive!!!


I won no point, althought I kill one of my opponents hero. After the fight has finished, I receive somekind of massage that told me my request cant be…something. the title went too fast so Icouldnt read them. I want my point ,my team is trusting me, so I do not want to let them down. I waiting for your answer as soon .

I experienced the same thing. After defeating the opponent, my result was churning and subsequently shown as 0 point. Opponent still alive and my war flag down by 1. It happened too many times on other occasions already. Kindly fix the bug.

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I hope that this problem will be fixed, because I lost one of my tries. And because of that we would lose this war. This is not the first time that I have a problem with war.

I had the same issue. There was a damaged opponent that only had two memebers left and I took out their joon and damaged their boldtusk and after the battle there was a thinking wheel on the enemy and the game locked up and my only option was to close the app. When I reopened the app, the game had used my team and flag but reset the enemy’s health and gave me 0 points ? What gives ?

I had a similar issue, phone connected to a dead WiFi and then the attack was ended due to connection lost. I had killed 3 enemies, now I lost my second best team for 0 points… hope sg can fix this. I always reconnect asap and the status could be updated then from the phone to the server. I would appreciate 10 minutes to reconnect and get something. Now I have 0 points

This exact thing just happened to me! I killed my opponent in the war battle on to get a message saying" cannot process your request" and then I get 0 points and my opponents team is alive and unscathed! WHAT!?!? Missed out on 60 points for the alliance and I am NOT a happt camper!!! This happened around 7:20 on Oct. 10th against a player called Big Trident.

As you see my wifi was fully connected but server was lost.

Then i was thrown out of the game still will full connection

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Obviously guys this is due to bad internet connections , This game is much of an online thing, although it is not explicit on the interval of saving the game on the saver , I guess once you lose connection or fluctuated link , the last known information saved is taken.
May not be SG’s fault.

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Dear Oluz, I did not had a conection problem.And if it remembers last saved point why did I lose my try and I could not use the heroes that I used in that battle.

I’ve had the exact same problem , connection was perfectly fine and wiped the enemy team , when battle finished I had this

l got zero points and hero’s used.

I had the same issue trying to do an attack the game freezes and then i have to restart the game but the flag gets used up and i get 0 points… happened to me twice already

How is this possible? Our alliance has not teams beat but the opposition score is way high

I have had the same exact problem the past 2 wars it’s ridiculous I’m so furious considering stop game play for a while and taking my money with me

The same mistake, reset and 0 points!

Same thing just happened to me. Reallt frustrating. 0 points, even though i took out the team.

This is my guess, when you select an opponent all information, flag usage, hero usage all go to the server. Now, during the time of attack information is still being passed to the server, just as you finish off the opponent, the score is being computed and suddenly you experience a glitch on your internet connection, that last bit of information is yet to be stored in the server and may get lost when the connection is restored, what the system would probably do is award you zero point, since it has no way to recover the missing info. All other info, like your flag and heroes usage as previously saved remain.

In actual sense, this may not be a bug, since this game is purely online game, internet glitches could be a problem. ( A glitch could be just a fraction time out of connection between your device and the server, sometime you will notice if protracted, but sometimes you don’t)

We lost points in our Alliance too, the member was traveling on the road, finished off an opponent, but was awarded zero, he acknowledged his mistakes not to have waited till he is in good network coverage before engaging in AW.

A work around might be to keep a last known image of activities on the app in the device, such that whenever there is a disconnection, the server put a time stamp and polls back that last known status when the link is restored . But I guess for security and vulnerability reasons, that may not be implemented.

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we encounter the same problem.
2 members made their fight, kill the opponent, disconnected from the game and 0 points.
10 heroes in the trash !!!
solve these problems faster empire and puzzle because people get tired of all these problème

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