Alliance war points

How many points does an alliance get if opposing alliance deletes all of their defense teams?

They’d get an instant win.

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how many points does the instant win get?

Instant win would probably be worth 2000

Is it possible to be rematched with another opposing alliance if the one already matched far outranks us. our alliance (Scottish Moons) is warring against The Hounds of Justice. Very badly mismatched. We will be decimated. Their alliance point are well over 70k with 23 people, while our alliance points is just over 62k with 29 members

No, there is no appeals process for matching. I’m curious, what are the two teams’ Titan scores? That’s the metric used to match.

You may surprise yourselves, you have more flags collectively to use, and each of their teams will be worth more than each of your teams.

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not with 18/23 of their teams over 3000 and averaging 33-34k against ours with 5 out of 29 over 3000. We have 7 -9 members who can’t even put two lineups together as they’re newbies

Ouch. The good news is that you get prizes regardless of whether you win or lose.

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I appreciate getting back to me on this. But think that using titan points parameter to match warring teams is extremely flawed. There must be some coding that can look at other parameters ie) average member points in warring alliances, # of cups won etc

I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think there are any points. The victory screen looks different and tells you that you won because the opponent has no defenders.

This is the right answer. There are no points, but you get to attack renewed weak teams without having to wait for them to renew naturally.

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