Alliance War: point

Our opponents have a lot of point when they win!!! It’s normal? some of People left the battle. And some of Our team appears twice in less than 4h and that since the beginning of the battle after completely defeated. 4hours after the beginning of the battle, the opponents won 150 pts against the same player (Loki).

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This is quite common and has been discussed in various threads on the forum.
Each alliance is worth 1500 points if you have players that leave during AW then their points are distributed among the remaining players.
Therefore if they are fielding a full 30 members the points you can gain is approx 50 per kill but if say 10 players leave then that becomes approx 75 per kill.
So your team mates that left are not helping the team


Based on this and their score of 4,400, it looks like they killed everyone on your side of the board. When everyone on one side of the board is dead, the board resets and revives all teams on that side. While typically a team doesn’t revive for 6+ hours, the reset ignores that and revives them instantly.

Your teammates leaving made it easier for them to do this as there were less teams to kill. Next time, have them stay on the board and your opponents will have to work harder :grin:


Thanks for answers. All the team was dead in less 4h. This alliance was too … strong/hard for my team if there is no bugg.