Alliance War - Point Discrepancy

What goes in to determining how many points each defense team is worth? The reason why I ask is we have been running into alliances with teams whose power is in the high 2000’s, yet the points awarded for them is much lower compared to members in our alliance at similar power levels. This isn’t right and is very frustrating. It feels like we are being handicapped. Does anyone know why this is the case?

Based on the combined health of the alliance team defense your members field.

The higher the health of the team defense, the higher the points that will be set for them out of the 2000 points assigned for each alliance.

The total score of an alliance is 2000. Those points are divided among def teams based on hp.
So if enemy’s much bigger team gives less point than your weaker team, that is caused by the fact that your def teams are overall weaker. It compares one alliances team only to themselves, the opponents team do not matter.

But even in the same alliance, higher team strength does not necessarily dictate higher points worth.
Just in this war my defense is worth more points as another team in my alliance although that other team has higher team strength. Simply because team strength is not only depending on team health.

How many people in both teams? If you are not 30 have a look to my post Is it so hard to understand

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