Alliance war - player from enemy alliance joining and leaving

Yes, after reset, all base restored with total points back to around 1500.

I have an alliance (open invitation) that is kind of a place for newer players trying to get a start and get help with titans and alliance wars without someone breathing down their neck. I have noticed in the last few months during alliance wars once we are matched against a team that I will get a new player who joins after the matchmaking and leaves very quickly afterward before we can see the teams we will be facing. This has happened a several times. . I suspect “shill” accounts that actually belong to someone on the other team are spying to gain an extra edge. Since this would give them a big advantage that we do not get (since we have actual newer players and are not trying to sandbag our stats ) I would have to change my alliance to invite only during the war phase. It may not be against the rules but, it really sucks. I shouln’t have to do this.

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It’s a war. Most wars in history involve spying. Leave yourself open - what do you expect?

It’s a game. That is pretty desperate. I could take the time to hack the game and ruin other peoples experience but, I am not a jerk and my game hacking community would “seriously” frown upon me hacking an online game to get an advantage over other players. But, if that is what I have to do (I mean closing the invites not the gamehacking ) then so be it. My alliance will just be invite only during those times.

This is not hacking.

I didn’t say that was hacking. Where did I say that THEY were hacking? I was saying that it was desperate. When I said I could hack the game I actually meant that I actually can hack games but, in online gaming there is really no point to doing it.


So what advantage does that create?

Sorry, I misunderstood.

Advantage to the spy (not the alliance), the spy can target base to be attacked exactly at war start at the expense of the teammates.

Overall, no advantage to the spy’s alliance.

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It’s not desperate either. You have a simple fix, to remove alliance from open during the period after match making.

I also clearly know that it is a game, not a real war, thanks for pointing that out. I fail to see why a game ‘War’ can’t have spying and really what damage does it do. The new new play can’t join the war, or influence you to play in a team detrimental way.


@yelnats_24 also if the spy stays he can influence the war by making failed attacks to lessen the points for the team or even take out pick the “least advantages” targets that mess the alliance up by altering the number of points available or even fight the strong teams and let them achieve full 100% manna and then let the other team finish them off instead of fleeing so that when another team attacks them they have full manna starting off. I am creative.

Didn’t you say he/she join after matchmaking?

@Rucker67 yeah, I guess it is what it is, I will just have to close the admissions during war in order to be fair to my lower ranked players who are just getting started.

If the spy stay, the spy can’t participate in war with the original alliance, if the spy enter before matchmaking, how do the spy know which alliance will be matched against the original alliance? And it will make the spy’s war chest participation reset to zero…

Manna always start at zero at the beginning of each battle. And after battle ends, hitpoints cannot become more than before battle, even enemy revived by alberich/mother north will go back to death if they already die before battle.



SG has prevented a number of “spy” maneuvers before they start by prohibiting players from joining the actual war after matchmaking begins, but this doesn’t prevent spies from clicking over and seeing all your player’s general teams (strength).

Keeping your join set to “Invite only” during war match will prevent any such shenanigans. :wink:


It’s a pain in the donkey for the alliance owner and a d&ck move by whomever is doing it. Not illegal, maybe, but still lame as frack.


The OP stated that the spy probably used alternate account, low level account still growing kind off.

Simple fix, set your alliance to invite only a few days or more before matchmaking and vet who joins, you may choose to return to “open” after the war.

But frankly, I can’t see the advantage the intrusion will give the spy or the spy"s alliance, as you can only have a preview of the alliance’s individual defenses which may not necessarily be the same as the war defense teams.

Moderator’s Note:

Discussing engaging in illegal activity, such as game hacking, in any kind of detail is against the forum rules. Please steer clear of the line :slightly_smiling_face:


i still don’t get what the “advantage” is. The information you get from “spying” doesn’t really help? For example, you find out that the enemy is mono tanking in blue. can you really make that much difference leveling green heroes in 24 hours? Couldn’t you just hold heroes and just last minute level at the start of war and be just as far ahead? A short period of time like 24 hrs isn’t alot to do anything in terms of preparation in this game, so… no biggy?

Seems like more of a psych out than anything. Maybe i’m reading this wrong.


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