Alliance war - player from enemy alliance joining and leaving

I don‘t see any advantage. If you‘re afraid of this happening again better set Ally to invite!

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He/she could screencap the entirety of alliance chat. If they were discussing their war plan, he/she has it now.

I can see an advantage (be it a small one). Probably screenshotted the battlefield, so they can already asign targets before war starts.

Very bad form though.

Although we had someone join our alliance once and try to recruit a member away, that was even worse :wink:

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Hopefully bad karma will follow them!

It’s so disheartening when this happens, mainly because use we all know that wonderful feeling of getting a new member … then finding out they were only a spy, what a let down :zipper_mouth_face:

EDIT: and I personally have no problem with a player like this getting named and shamed!

simply fill your entire leage up and then no one can get in problem solved
get a toalte of 30 players full stop issue over

There is a reason why SG won’t allow us to see the enemy base during war preparation. Whatever is the reason, this behavior, even if legit, break that purpose.

Either SG should allow us to see enemy base during preparation or they should prevent a player from joining war opponent during the war.

Anyway, even if nothing changes, I doubt this behavior will be a great help for the opponent, it might help that player pick which base to attack, but a war is a teamwork, if that player didn’t attack that base, another will. So even if that player score less than 200 because that player didn’t spy, other teammate will simply take the leftover points. Even if that player take a pic and share it with the alliance, it will only give some extra time to think so they can directly attack as the war start.

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In low level alliance war with a lot of members, sometimes the high score is as low as 200. @DEjMAN How high is the opposing alliance high score? Is that player one of the top attacker with 200 points?

If you consider that someone will take an advantage learning your defense teams prior to the war, you may want to consider putting invite only mode in your alliance, at least during war…
even if SG address this particular problem,
It won’t be difficult (at least for a guy that would think that is ok to try a sneaky move like that) to make a second account and having it joining open enemy alliances… actually this way he could stay during the whole war if you didn’t noticing him/her… learning the whole strategy…
PS: I think it would be better to give screenshots with names and alliances through an official report to SG…

Still not much advantage to be won there.
You may know when they will attack, maybe even who will attack who. But once war has started and teams are placed, there is nothing you can do to influence your defence and will have to roll with the punches you get.

It is not good behavior to do this but not much info won this way as well.


He was agent 007 - obviously a spy lol :male_detective:t3:‍♂


In the original post, title was “espionage” :joy:

The whole thing is silly. We had a spy come once. Our leader said in our line chat that he is a spy and so our leaders “tactic” was to say things like " Oh no, theres no way to win, these guys are way to powerful" , " skip this war theres no hope". There is really real advantage. Some of our members also like to save up heros and mass level right before depending on their tanks. Makes no sence, literally if they just levelled up evenly with same color they would be further ahead in a few wars. And the fact that they go off each players top 30 heros, so 900 in a full allaince, levelling Up a few heros after match making is such a miniscule difference. In my opinion the only way to have an advantage is to have a deeper bench that goes past your 6 teams so you have variety and to have multiple same color levelled troops for stacking…sorry for going a bit off topic and ranting a bit. Yes it’s super annoying to have spies but maybe the only real advantage was them getting in your head thinking there actually is an advantage when there is none. Lol

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This may be off topic, but how in the world is 200 in a war good? Our last war I scored 268, and I’m only lvl 17. Our top scorers were <400, and our leader chewed everyone out for being lazy. LOL This is just a guess, but since my dinky little alliance hasn’t broken the top 1,000 (yet), I don’t think spies matter except in the most elite groups.

I’ll let the math wizards answer this one but we are a fairly strong alliance (war score 420k) currently around 637 in global standings, and if our members on the top of the leaderboard score over 200 points, that’s a very good score. We always have 30 members participating so maybe it has something to do with how the points are shared between all the players in a larger alliance?

This gives absolutely no advantage. Knowing the other teams strategy does nothing to help you because there’s nothing you can do to stop it. “Hey guys, they have red centers and are all going to hit together at 8 PM tomorrow night!” Gee, that’s…great. I guess. I mean, don’t know what we change knowing that information, but thanks.

More points seem to be given per kill for smaller allaince wars than full 30 against 30 alliance. This is not a very great example but for my allaince we had 23 members doing AW and a 4100 team was worth about 76 points, now 3 members opted out of our latest war and 4100 TP teams were worth about 83.

Last war (29 vs 29), my alliance leader score was 248, I scored merely 209, which made me the second highest scorer in my alliance, but we still won by 3100 to 2800.

Total base score is around 1500 regardless of number of players. Alliance with 10 members will have average base score of 150 while those with 30 members will only have average base score of 50. Thus less member equal to higher score per member while more member equal to lower score per member.


I knew that someone could explain it better than I could. It just made sense to me that the same amount of points distributed between more players would result in fewer points per player.

Since I always doubt my math abilities I wasn’t going to venture too far into an explanation! :grin:

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Thanks for the clarification, I tallied up the possible points against my alliance. We have 19 participating, total points to be gotten from our group is 1518. So that’s an average of 80 points per player @ 19 players participating. So that makes alot of sense.


I’m assuming that clearing the board re-sets the avaiable 1500 points again?

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