Alliance war - player from enemy alliance joining and leaving

I got one question. Yesterday, one guy from enemy alliance war comes to our alliance (we didnt know that, hes from enemy alliance), so we accepted, 2 minutes later he checks our war (positions, tactic guard etc) then he leaves. At the start of war, he just normally been in war, attacks us, like nothing happened, because he suspected our tactics and heroes, he can set the reverse, So THEY WIN.
Im waiting for respond, is that legit?

I would submit a ticket to support about this. The forum is not the right place.
@Kerridoc, @zephyr1 - what would you suggest?


He get 200 points. :slight_smile:
It’s not fair.

I think you’re right, this is specific to an incident with an account/alliance, not a game-wide bug per se.

I’d also recommend contacting support:

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I Will do this, thanks

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Yes that is legit even it is an immoral behavior. Don’t let the trojan horse enter your gates!

I’m actually surprised this hasn’t been done/reported before! It seems like an easy way to spy on an opponent.

I suppose in a true war it would be seen as a tactic … in a game it seems a little DESPERATE!

I seem to remember reading on the forum that this has been done before… but it was still early in the alliance war days. I still think reporting it is a good idea.

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I already did it, but support cant help at this time

@zephyr1 @witch What do you think about recompensation?

My point was that SG should know about this kind of behaviour.
But asking for compensation is unlikely to be successful - for that, you would have to be able to prove that you would have won, if it hadn’t happened.
And although I find this sort of action on the part of your opponent deplorable, I don’t think it would give them that great of an advantage. Your war points are pretty close, so it could have gone either way.

This guy get 200 points, so we should win this easily.

How could he do that after matching is done? As far as I know he should not have been able to participate in war if he went back to that alliance after the match was set. If that happened, yes, report it as that should not be happening.

We have had someone leave, and come back , and they were showing on the field but couldn’t hit and stayed in spectator mode for that war.


Let me see if I understand the facts:

  1. Matching was done with XoXo as a member of МАФИЯ
  2. XoXo left МАФИЯ and joined your alliance
  3. After scouting your teams, XoXo left and returned to МАФИЯ
  4. XoXo did okay in the war (200 is only okay; our top scorer this last war had 332 points)

If these are the facts, there is no mechanics failure here. As long as a player is in an alliance at matching, they are free to come and go up until the war starts.

You let a spy into your alliance. That’s your fault, not the game’s. I’m also not sure what he could have learned of significant value. They didn’t suddenly ascend a bunch of new heroes.


Shouldn’t the pics be removed (as according to the no naming and shaming rule?)


I had no idea you could leave and return during the planning/prep phase. Is there a good reason that I’m missing for allowing this? (Obviously doesn’t stop a low level, non-war participant, from playing the cloak & dagger spy game and reporting back to his team with juicy intel)

And ‘juicy intel’ is a complete overstatement, but… you might adjust your strats based on tanks/colors/tp, etc.

What we should definitely hear now is a bunch of Leaders collectively locking the door on their Open Alliances during War and formatting a welcome message that includes, ‘Are you a spy?’ :wink:

Enjoy your day.

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People were upset by being locked in their alliance for 4 whole days/week. Some people like to go visit friends, or help run a family of alliances and stop in to mentor, etc.

Its a pain, but an other alternative is to only do war planning on Line or similar and only give Line ID after a new player has opted in for war and is actually showing on the battle field.

Then all they get is some idea of what defense heroes people have, which they could have found out easily anyway.


Images calling out specific players removed, since the violate the “no naming and shaming” policy

hello @Petri, a player from our opponents, did this… Do you have a policy about this?

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So what do you think was the effort for him?

That is wierd and irritating, but what advantage does it give them? Definitely bad form though!

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