Alliance War Opt out debate

I know this is a new option - anyone make an educated guess about whether a co-leader can do this?

Our leader is AWOL…

Personally, I enjoy war, but if a few of our big hitters are on holiday, it might be less demoralising to miss a week…

I guess it will only be for leaders as it is mentioned in the title of the other tread as such.
But this is guessing

It is only for Alliance leaders currently, you can read more here:

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Thanks for the prompt response @Petri

Slightly off my own topic… anything in the pipeline to manage missing leaders?

I mean if you simply don‘t participate without opting out (because leader is on holidays) you get loot for free. Not the worst isn‘t it :smiley: I think it should be for leader use only because it can easily be abused.

Edit: just googled AWOL. Well in your case it‘s unfortunate indeed.

Good point @Maaeetz

And well done for learning some military jargon :joy:

With this new op-out rule, if the other alliance ops out do we still get the loot?

yes you get loot but not a lot.

Thank you very much for the feed back

I think thats not how it works. An ally can opt out before prepphase and thus is not getting matched with another alliance. Otherwise this would lead to an massive abusement of opting out creating 100 more threads of complaints😁

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Opting out isnt possible yet we opt out ourselves by just not setting a team for war so war is over in less then a second after starting :smile:

Sure. But the opt out button is something different. It takes the whole ally out of the matchmaking by default as far as I understand it.
Think I missunderstood your first comment :smiley: sry

Yes would be nice when that is finally possible.

It is already there, just go to alliance settings :wink:

Great thanks found it now now wars are completly history :rofl::grinning::sunglasses::heart_eyes::boom:

This change could only be good for the ones who aren’t interested in the war but they could have just removed their defense and avoided war this way, even if it could have posed a problem to alliances facing them.

Interested alliances with few uninterested playes don’t will be affected in the slightest until the chance will be enabled for single players opposed to the whole alliance.

An Opt-Out for single players would be even better I agree but for now this works.

I like the “All out” button; it’s hard to juggle thirty players across timezones and get all of them to switch over to zero heroes when the default setting is “kill kill!” If even one misunderstands the order, War is on and so—most likely—is defeat, unless those thirty can re-switch back into war mode with five defense heroes in time.

All that is now moot. Do you as an alliance decide to skip war this Wednesday? Flip a switch. Do you decide to get back in the game Saturday? Flip the switch back (during prep mode of course).

Viva AW, in either mode, and viva the instant choice of the switch. :slight_smile:

I guess there are cases where it’ll be helpful.
0 defenses alliances could benefit from that change and also their opponents but… any others?

We benefit from this. I left my old alliance because of the cheating with wars and later mismatching. Now i am in a alliance with 6 players above 4K team strength and the rest are all new players so matching is extremely difficult to get right. Playing war is no fun for our players and a certain defeat for the alliances we were matched up with. So for protection of our own new players as well as the enemy players we have chosen not to set up defence teams, this proved more difficult than it should be because the game directs players reaching lvl 12 to set up a war team. We needed to kick members in several occasions while we couldnt reach them before war started. As soon as the matching is fixed we will go to war again because we do think it is a nice feature.

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