Alliance war: needing to know the remaining number of points of energy

Not my points but the number of points of others alliance members. To know is somebody else can or cannot finish a wounded team. This could be add on the “panel” of each member…

Therr is an indicator bar, not perfect but guves a good idea

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The indicator gives the score, not the number of energy points, or I am missing something ?

What he’s asking for is a little number in the corner of his own alliance members’ icon that shows how many flags they have left.


Very much so and really needed. So tired of scrolling down the list to count flags before i head to bed not knowing if we will win or lose. Last 3 teams have all been euro based so score is a mess till the end since were mostly US members.

Thank you Dante, it is exactly that (sorry for my poor english)

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Our alliance has a “war scribe” who tracks all hits in a spreadsheet on a Google drive. But, yes, it would be better to have this information visible, at least to alliance leader and co-leaders.

This is a great suggestion. I was hoping to go even a bit further. I’d like a number of tools to make coordinating the team in the wars easier:

  1. Team flag meter/count - both for our team and the opponent
  2. Better graphics showing color of defense team heroes at the battlefield level. It would be great to get an at-a-glance feel of tank color coordination strategy and whether specific teams are color heavy in specific colors. This is hard to do currently without drilling into each team. (maybe this is just me?)
  3. War stats: points/hit, Defense team record
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You know you play E&P too much when…

…you instantly recognize every 4* and 5* hero from the miniature on the battlefield.

I don’t mean to make light of your suggestion—it’s a good one. If devs simply put a 2-pixel color-coded frame around each portrait, it would help.


That’s exactly what I am hoping for. And I recognize each one when I look at them ;), but it’s hard to grok them when you are looking at 90 of them at once, you know?

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