Alliance War - modify rewards or participation

Please allow greater control of who can participate in Alliance wars.

This can be done by having a minimum Alliance rank to participate in Wars.

EDIT- I am speaking of Alliance rank of members. So that leaders can simply demote someone who hasn’t been on for awhile for whatever reason. Sometimes real life happens and this way we can remove someone from a war without having to resort to kicking them from the Alliance which doesn’t make anyone happy. Thanks Ultra for feedback so I can clarify what I was suggesting

The Chest rewards should also vary to encourage greater participation. Something similar to Titans where you are graded and earn better awards the better you perform.

Except for wars it can be based off how many attacks you did for your grade. The reason for using attacks used vs damage is so that newer players will be encouraged to fully participate for better rewards. They don’t have to be concerned about how well they score, just that they participated.

Why would you do that? Your idea deprives some players who created alliances with very limited members intentionally created either for the leader alone or with family and close friends.

Besides, let young alliances with newish members have their fun battling similar level alliances. They too may want to open their war chests.

It is all up to the leaders. They may need to recruit members and inform them what is expected from them. Have a unified consensus for the alliance. If they don’t meet the alliance’s criteria, boot them out after giving them several chances, and look for active players with similar goals.

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Perhaps I’m using the wrong terminology. When I say Alliance rank I am talking about Member, Elder, Co-Leader, Leader.

Make those ranks within the Alliance more granular…say only allow Elders and above be able to participate in War.

Would you be so kind as to explain to me why the above does anything remotely to what you stated. The leader of the Alliance can grant anyone their rank within the Alliance. This has NOTHING to do with how SG does their wars…only how each Alliance can control which team members can participate in the war.

Regarding your feedback on chest rewards. I would ask why does SG handle that differently than Titans then? If you’re going to “grade” how we attack a Titan to determine rewards then shouldn’t the same logic apply to wars? If not, why not? What’s the good logical reasoning?

What’s wrong with creating an incentive to use your attacks in war? How does it negatively effect players and alliances?

Currently our only choice is to kick someone from the Alliance if they fail to participate. But why can’t there be something in-between? Sometimes life happens and we don’t want to kick a player but for some reason a good team mate hasn’t been on for a bit.

COVID is happening. People have real life emergencies. We would just like an alternative to kicking players from Alliances because we want to do better in Wars. It’s demoralizing when people have to be kicked.

What if you had an emergency or some other event that prevented you from playing only to find that you’ve been booted from the Alliance you were in because there was no other option available to the leaders.

Oh and the reason I say to use attacks used as a “grade” for wars is so that newer players can benefit from just participating and don’t have to worry if they only score a few points. The hope is that it ingrains how important participation is.

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