Alliance War - Missing team

We had a new member join our clan and they have yet to set a defensive team for war. What will happen if they do not set one before the war begins? Does the enemy even have the option to attack them? Or are they simply removed from the war? Thoughts?

As i remember they are removed from the war…you have to set 5 heroes to take part in war.


Excellent question, it actually relates to an issue I’ve been having with my alliance. It used to be (I thought) that you could opt out of an AW upon reaching level 12, but now you have to complete the tutorial first apparently (which forces you into the war). A workaround that I’m trying is that I’ve had one of my members create an alt alliance for new members so that they don’t screw up our war matchmaking.

As for your particular issue: if they don’t set a defense team, their team will not be in the war. That means the enemy will not be able to attack them. HOWEVER… their team was still taken into account in the matchmaking. Therefore if you had 20 members including them when matchmaking was in progress, and they didn’t set a defense team, your team will only have 19 members vs. the opponents’ 20. So while they won’t be able to attack the newbie’s defense team, they will have 6 more war flags than you.

If they joined before matchmaking started, then they need to set a team or they’ll be removed from the board. Tell them to set a defense team so that you’re not one short on the battlefield for defending and so that they can use their attacks.

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