Alliance War Mismatch Frustration

The Alliance I belong to is a mentoring training type. We have fun, build each other up attacikng Titans fight Wars. That being said…

US Stats:
Members 22 Total Score 38840 Trophy Score 14491 Titan 24379 War Score 86096
Team Lvls vary Leaders both mid 50’s 7-in 20-30 13 all below 20
TP range high 3657-1066 2-3500 6-in 2800-1900 range 14-below 1900

We are being matched to Alliances with much greater depth both in # members, lvl of members and War Score.

This current AW we are fighting, and I use that term loosely, is typical of the teams we have been matched with the last 4-5 AW

Them Stats:
Members 20 Total Score 44048 Trophy Score 16670 Titan Score 28019 War Score 91619
Team lvls 4 high 30’s 8 mid to high 20’s 7 20 or lower
TP Range 3496-1168 5 over 3200 6-2000-2900 7-1900 or lower

We are out gunned from the start. Most of our players dont even have 6 teams let alone one that could kill players like this other Alliance has.

We fight but knowing we are going to be demolished is demoralizing.

AW matching needs to be revisited. Thoughts?

Common problem in games like this. IMO some changes that would help would be to include player level and time played as factors to calculate matching. It would help account for FTP with a long time played, thus more chances to get good teams, and P2W with little time played, possible high star team but little chance of higher ascension. Without knowing the exact formula used for matching its hard to suggest good adjustments but it feels like the total score is used where perhaps the average would be better. Or perhaps a combination of total and average. Using average would allow a strong alliance to add a couple low level alts to lower their score but a combination of total and average would allow for training alliances, 1-3 members with high scores and the rest newbs, to be more properly ranked.

my 2 cents