Alliance War members roster question

Is it possible for an Alliance leader to pick out a member from participating in wars? I have an alliance mate who is constantly getting locked out of her account and she doesn’t want to be fodder for the other team. Luckily her BF is in the alliance as well and can keep me apprised on the situation. I don’t want to kick her out completely just take her off the wars.

Bottom line I was wondering if there is a function that the leader can manually take members out of the war that doesn’t involve kicking them out.

Yea u boot until they get it resolved

If bf is there and can keep u posted, no risk

If all this happened post matchmaking then yea you’re screwed

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If she misses 2 wars in a row she will be automatically opted out.


Isn’t she even able to opt out personally due to her bad connection?

@Olmor From what I have been told it doesn’t seem to be a connection issue, as this has happened numerous times before. This the third or fourth time it has happened.

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@Rigs This happened right when the matchmaking locked us in.

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Well…you’re screwed

If it’s happened multiple times, may consider finding a replacement

If she has hard feelings over it, oh well…

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If there wasz this thread wouldn’t exist :wink:

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