Alliance War mechanics

I fought a battle to the end even though the war time had expired. I started the battle 2-3 minutes before, but it lasted 7-8. I managed to destroy all the opposing team and all points were added to the war score.

Can some clarify if the alliance war points per alliance is 1000 or 1500 and correct if the revive time of each dead team is as below?
Revive Times
Defeat Revive Time
1st 6 Hours
2nd 8 Hours
3rd 10 Hours
4th 12 Hours

The entire field is worth 1500 points. Roughly 1000 for the teams and 500 for kill (bonus) points.

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Thank you! I thought so, since the number dint tally (30 x 50 = 1500) since i read somewhere here as 1000

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You are also correct on the revive time for first reset, @ThePirateKing please can you confirm reset 2,3 and 4?

The times are correct. It increases by 2 hours each time.

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Thank you @littleKAF


I was knocked out war by my little nephew sitting on my lap trap my ipad and hit the opt out I quickly opt back in but couldn’t fight, it turn me into a spectator . That was over 9 months ago.

grab my ipad not trap it

My cat often tries to make decisions for me, too :persevere:


Now we know what actually happens behind the scenes when you blame the board. :thinking: :rofl:

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