Alliance War mechanics

I’m not sure your reason, but I agree it should be there. I actually suggested this in the suggestion log and got no love. I was surprised by that.

I don’t have an issue with being timed out in a battle. It happens all the time with the healing boost. I DO however, take great issue with the fact that after fighting for 10 minutes, killing 3 of their heroes (with 3 of mine still intact), i get timed out AND 0 points.

If it happens a couple or three times to me, or other players, it looks on the leaderboard like we haven’t fought at all.

I think some points for those heroes killed would be more fair.


Appears not to be true. I just leveled Alasie on my war defense team up, hours into war and she shows the new level and stats on the battlefield.


Before the last update, we had a couple players that were offline for a week or longer. They were automatically excluded from the alliance wars. This war I have a member last active 7 days ago and he is in the war. What is the inactive threshold to be excluded. I don’t think this member should have been included in the war.

My understanding is that 2 consecutive Wars with no flags used are required to trigger the auto opt-out.

This appears to affirm that:

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That seems to fit since we had a maintenance break. This would be the second war.

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We were in an alliance war and an opponent left the alliance. Their name became [exmember]. For whatever reason they rejoined, but their team remained deactivated.

The fourth respawn time is 12h.

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Thanks for spelling/grammar check!

Right. We had a member “accidentally” boot :hiking_boot: herself from alliance during 2nd half of war. She came right back in without going to another alliance, but showed up on war board as [Ex-member] and was in spectator mode only and could not rejoin war.

What about troops in the wars? Can you use low level heroes with high level troops and after the respawn use your higher level troops again?

Troops are unaffected by Alliance War’s hero limit: you can.


I’m not sure if it was changed, but draw earned 3 war chest points for both alliances.
The odds are very low, but it happens…

about war rules, they trigger more often when there are less defensive heroes alive right?

Yes. Especially frustrating to some when field aid is the rule

I’ve seen the levels of both my troops & my Heroes in my defense team go up during war as I level them from my base. 100% done this many times.

Does battlefield automatically reset all teams at 12th hour?

No, unless all the opponent’s teams are killed at once (clearing the board will re-set all the teams).

At the 12 hour mark you get an additional 3 flags but the teams on the field will remain unchanged. Check the tiny timers on each team to see when it revives.

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hi, is there a minimum number of alliance players to join alliance wars? or is any number acceptable, even 1 person?

Every number is acceptable, but your alliance needs a specific amount of points.

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