Alliance war matchups


How does alliance war matchups work now? For the 2nd time my alliance has been matched with a much higher ranking team they have over 12000 more trophies than us. Call this whinging if u like but I don’t see the point in these wars if one side is so overpowered as to make it a total no contest.

Wars matchups
Any plans to fix the WAR matching?

Honestly, I wish they would just stop messing with it. It gets worse every time they do.


We are ranked 425th, our opponent is ranked 75th! I mean, unless these guys have, literally, zero depth on their benches, this is already over.


I agree. Previously wasn’t perfect but our match ups were much closer and our newest members had a chance to fight their own battles. Not anymore. Unless they get the timing perfect for a scrap, they don’t get to fight at all.


Same is happening with us


Game creators: you should take this war matchup issue seriously! You are causing a lot of once dedicated players to just walk away from this game. You can’t honestly say you are trying to make the matchups fair. We are matched up against all level 30-40 Russian teams every single war, and half of our alliance is between level 19-27. And you can’t honestly say you are taking the top 30 heroes from each member into consideration with your matchup calculations. These are all money players that we are being matched up against, and they have all 5 * heroes. We only have 6 members with 5 * heroes vs 30 for the opposition! Get your act together before you totally ruin this game. It used to be enjoyable. Now, it just sucks!


That was exactly how I felt when I saw the opponents last battle. The opposition must have used all of their secondary heroes to level up their defense because we ended up winning. After the first round they could barely touch us. We worked together and took them down. This current battle appears to be a lot of weaker heroes we are fighting. We shall see what happens. Please give the creators a chance to work out all of the issues you are unhappy with. I am currently pleased with the war changes and hope for even more improvements. Don’t forget, there will be a season 2!!! Good luck @Aphrodite


I wish that was the case for us. Twice a week, just like clockwork, we are outmatched with ridiculously strong teams, with good back up teams. I am starting to think the game creators (located in Finland) have a grudge against Americans. We have the word “American” in our alliance name, and we have never been matched against any teams other than Russian powerhouse teams! Coincidence? Not likely!!!


I completely agree. I have even done a boycott a couple of times and it’s made no difference at all. We’ve done fair in a few and done horrible in others. It’s not fair at all on the matches in any way.


The current method of picking AW opponents is disastrous! Since this started, my alliance has been matched against teams we have no chance of winning against. Prior to this new method, we had a good chance of winning. Some of our most senior players are getting fed up and tacking a leave of absence from the game. We have a mix of players, some with fully leveled 5* teams in the 3900 range and about 12 players with teams well below 3,000. We are getting matched against teams that have all players above 3,500 team power. The team we are fighting right now swept the board with us in two hours.

The consensus in my alliance is that AW should stop until a fair matching system can be developed. Also, none of us want to continue with wars at this frequency every two days is ridiculous. Once a week at most or better twice a month at most. The other problem with AW is that the loot does not justify the expense in time.


Have you read up on the long and laborious process the Devs have been doing to make the matchups fair? Have you read the changelog? I’m happy to post it.

I know it’s annoying (and demoralizing) to lose; heck, we lost twelve wars in a row! But to blame the creators who are trying to balance an incredibly difficult needle to thread…

May I humbly ask you to read up on the process?

And yes, we get Russians too, and Germans, and Romanians and French and right now Dutch. Our response has been to learn why we lose so we can win future wars (we’re convinced it’s the depth on bench, not just initial defense).


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You can leave your alliance, come see me, then go back to your alliance. You will have a cool down time on the Titan chests if you do this, but you can still fight your Titan.


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