Alliance war matchmaking suggest

There are several alliances who ,cheat" in wars by using lower heroes in their war defense teams to fight weaker alliances and this is not fair. For eg, there are alliances with players having 4k defense teams ( and probably a big hero roster with strong heroes) who set 2.5 -3k war defense teams to obtain a smaller War Score. This leads to an unbalanced war, ,legit" alliances who have 2.5-3k war defense teams(strongest heroes of the players) can’t win these kinds of wars.

A player can use a maximum of 30 heroes for 6 attacks in a war, so I have an idea for a new matchmaking system for wars.
First step, each player who participate in wars should select 30 heroes to use and 5 of them must be in the war defense team, with no possibility to use other heroes than these selected. And the War Score should be calculated based on the selected heroes.
After the war started(second step), the player should be able to select another 2-3 heroes to use( for various combinations, if he has more than 30 heroes). To avoid ,cheating", there should be an algorithm for selecting heroes based on all heroes he has( for eg. mean power), something that prevents the player from selecting 2-3 weak heroes at first step to obtain a lower War Score.

Finally, the matchmaking should be done based on the alliance War Score. :grinning:

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