Alliance War Matchmaking - Bug or Broken

From this Forum here is my understanding of how War Scores are calculated.

The WAR SCORE (WS) is a mathematical function of:

  • Top 5 heroes per OPTED IN player
  • Top 30 heroes per OPTED IN player
  • Top 5 troops per OPTED IN player
  • Personal war history for last 20 wars per OPTED IN player

Facts I am aware of:

Since WS is based on individual war history the majority of our participating members would have a 20 war history of 4 wins and 16 losses and one of those wins was only due to the fact that the opposing Alliance left 40 Flags to our 5 Flags.

Even though the WS’s are the same the opponent’s teams on the Battleground are always 200 to 300 TP greater than ours (this has been the case eight matchups in a row now).

I am using the assumption that the on Battleground Team Powers should on average give a good approximation of how good each players heroes are. You could argue that bench strengths vary tremendously but I would find this hard to explain as the opposing Alliance we are facing is always 3 to 7 Levels higher on average than our members who are participating in the War. While there might be an anomaly that impacts one matchup, we are now going on eight straight mismatches in a row. I have read a significant number of Forum posts including developer response (107) and none really answer this mismatch question.

I appreciate the responses to my previous posts but I am really looking for an answer from SG Staff or Developer that will help me make sense of this.

Our current matchup is one of the most lopsided in the past eight that I have tracked. In the current War both sides have 19 teams. The total defensive team power of the opposing side (Sonnige Lowenbande BS) is 74,257 while our total Battleground TP is 68,066. This is a staggering 325 power on average per Team! While I cannot see the bench strength of either side, I would assume they would have a similar weighted value on average per player (some higher and some lower). Based on our individual members war history I am sure our WS modifier is near 0.

So here are my questions if anyone or an SG Developer can help me out:

How do you explain that we are consistently matched against so much stronger Teams on average?


How do we rearrange or structure our Alliance/members/Heroes so we start getting such lopsided matchup in our favor?

I would love to have such a numerical strength edge when battling and opposing team. We would be the ones winning 7 or 8 instead of losing 7 of 8.

I can only assume that there is some significant issue with the way War Scores are calculated as we continually are matched against significantly stronger Alliances.

As stated earlier I would appreciate a response from SG Staff or Development.

Your time and consideration of this request is appreciated.

If it was broken, players may have adjusted to such “broken” mechanics since 2018 when it was re-introduced the second time around (early version of the alliance war lacked war chests) and has worked around it. So far, there are none or too little complaint coming from the top alliances. Always on the lower part of the food chain complaining of the usual scraps gotten. Personally, I don’t see it broken. Matchmaking is based on the war score and players opting in for war. If you are pitted with stronger alliances in terms of their heroes and troops, then it only meant that your alliance got stronger. And if you are continuously pitted with still stronger alliances, it means that your war score hasn’t been reduced that much to get to the level your alliance is on equal footing with other alliances with similar hero and troop strength.

Mods may be merging this to similar topics.

War Score Matchmaking Broken?.

There are already established thread on this.

Ultra thanks again. None of the previous discussions answer my specific question which I believe only someone from SG can answer. I can only think of two answers.

  1. We have looked into your questions and the bench strength of your Alliances heroes is much greater than the opposing Alliances.


  1. We have looked into your question and the bench strength of the opposing Alliances heroes is much less then than your Alliances.

This of course is based on the assumption that most members field a majority of their strongest heroes. I just find it hard to believe that this disparity exist only for our or very few Alliances. I do think with very high level Alliances there would be no issues as all players have greatly developed bench/hero strength. I think the flaw/error in the calculation occurs because we have 12 members Level 40-60 and 6 members Level 14-30 many of whom do not even have a max level 3 star team and there 4-6th teams are comprised on mostly non-leveled heroes. If there is an answer or post that answers this question please point me to it as I have yet to find it.

Ultra - Thanks again for your reply.

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Also just did search for Alliance War Matchmaking and found the discussion with 3400+ posts and see that there are several posts with the same mismatch problem we are having since the SG September 2020 update.

So ,I hoping my posts and data can help SG analyze, find the problem and hopefully improve Alliance War Matchmaking for the benefit and competitive enjoyment of all.

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