Alliance War Matching Problem

In two or our four last Alliance Wars we were matched so incorrectly that it made no sense for our newer/lower level players to participate. The most recent was the most lopsided. My question is can you show or provide me with the War Score Calculation for our Alliance (Wisconsin Wolf Pack) and the Alliance we faced (cesko). Here are a few of the details. They have a Trophy score that is 7000 higher than ours. The Titan and War Scores were similar. We had six of the 23 Teams in the war below Level 30 with Team Powers (TP) below 3000. They had no members below Level 30 and all TP in War were 3800+. I totaled the TP for both for all Def Teams in the War. There total was 93,691 and ours was 85,590. This is a difference of 8,100 TP or 352 points greater for each defensive team. I also summed the Levels of participating members Theirs was 1,125 Levels to our 952 Levels making each of them 7.5 Levels higher on average.

How can our War Scores be the same when Levels and TP on the field are so different? It would be nice to provide the six newer lower level teams some targets that are remotely close to there level/TP. Your time and attention to my question would be appreciated.

Hi; I am not staff so definitly cannot look into anything.

But; to pass on some information: unfortunately none of the metrics you included are actually used in the War Score calculation. Below is a quote from another thread which is what is accounted for in the calculation.

So based on this, there could be a myrriad of factors which resulted in a “mismatch”.

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