Alliance war matching and defense

The matching for wars seems broken. When your team gets matched with a team that has almost 25000 more alliance points seriously? There HAVE to be teams with closer alliance scores.
Yeah yeah I’m b*tching cause we lost. So what. Matching algorithm is wrong.

Why does the defense get to be immortal for the war while the offense does not? How about dead defensive heros need to be replaced. When you set your defense for war you need to pick 3 or 4 defensive teams. These get cycled just like offense. So when your down to your last few flags youre not fighting the top tier defense. Wouldn’t that change war strategy.

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Everything in this game is broken. Even the creativity of adding new adventures… Pity on them.

I put in a request for them to do hand math to check algorithm. We are getting matched against monster alliances there’s no way for us to compete with. How wide spread is this issue?

Whilst they had that many more alliance points, what was the difference in war score at the time you were matched?

Alliance score takes into account other things such as trophies and titans which war matchmaking doesn’t look at because it’s unimportant.

The matchmaking is based on the war score:

You see the war score, here in red, as part of the alliance score.

The war score is calculated from the best 30 heroes of every player opted into the war. The best 5 heroes are higher weighted (defense), and the troops were taken into account. If you win a war you get adfotional points, if you loose points were taken away. But there are upper and lower war caps. You can not get points below that, even if you (deliberately) loose ten wars in a row.
Same with upper war cap, you can win 40 wars in a row, but without upgrading troops or heroes your war score will not rise.

It is possible to meet a good alliance at its lower war cap after you have won 2 or 3 wars in a row. Especially if one or both alliances are below 30 members.
There the algorythm can match alliances with a difference of up to three members, if they have war scores in the same range.
Very heterogeneous alliances, with a few very good and a few very low defenses, can also fell victim to a mismatch. Nothing is realy perfect. Wish you better luck with the next opponent.

Happy gaming

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People are gaming the system routinely. Third mismatch after two losses. The confidence in the face of overwhelming evidence that something is wrong is a mistake.