Alliance War Loot..... aaah WHAT LOOT!

The all awaited alliance wars have finally arrived and after all the work you gotta put in to win a war,
You guessed it, …You will win a rock, a feather and maybe a couple of arrows as your prestigious “REWARD”.
Don’t you just love it.

It made the Titan loot look like a mountain of gold.
I’m just wondering if the loot can possibly get any worse.

And for all those who think it’s a sook,… no we don’t want decent loot to rain from the heavens, we just want loot that matches the effort put in.


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The hype was great about joining Alliance Wars. The Rewards suck given the Heros needed not equitable and reeks of developers getting a bit greedy . There is no concessions given for seniors or people who just can’t afford to buy hero’s makes it impossible to succeed. Chances of getting 4* and 5* heros if you do not purchase Gems and even then you are lucky to get one 5* and forget about bonus draw. Developers need to at least give better Loot and assension tools that are hard to get.


Some folks (random!) are getting loot. The loot is out there. Here are a few pics, just so you aren’t discouraged: