Alliance War leaving problem!

No. It’s just that it’s disadvantageous to their alliance, even when they’re not fielded.

we’ve had a couple new players ((never been in our alliance before)) come in while matching was in progress and it did include them in the war & it also wouldn’t let them unclick their war participation box before the matching was finished. So they were thrown into war anyway with a 1200 team power. Was that a glitch or is that normal?

See my edit above. :slight_smile:

Here’s another thing to keep in mind that most people misread. We know the war score is based on the players troops & hero’s.
what’s also included in the war score is

  • alliances past war performance (you win it goes up, you lose it goes down)
    & the past proformace of the alliance as a whole. Which includes if a titan is defeated (defeated it goes up) or escapes (escapes it goes down)

Keep in mind the titan score goes down over time about every other day or so.

Here’s an Example probably everyone has seen. And thought it was a mismatch-

Alliance A: war score 273177
20 people in alliance and all 20 people are participating in war-
---- 10 players have team defense power
over 3600k
---- 10 players have a defense team power
over 4000k

Alliance B: war score 268199
30 people in alliance but only 20 people are participating in war.
----- 16 players have defense team power
under 3500k
----- 4 players have defense team power
over 4000k

How is this an even war match? Well because
-Alliance A --lets some titans escape. Their crappy alliance performance on titans gives them a lower war score & if you’ve noticed as i have they may even throw a war to lose and drop their war score even more. This will give them a better advantage of winning the next couple wars.

-Alliance B got their score because they’ve defeated most of their titans but only won a couple wars.

The best way you can see this and even manipulate a war score is by testing it out and letting titans escape. The war score will go down in a day or two because the performance of the alliance as a whole has decreased.

I personally don’t think the war rewards & chest are better than titans, so we try to defeat the titans no matter what. and we normally don’t do good in war because of this matching.

hope this helps!

OK so this is different than what I have been told…that titan scores have nothing to do with war scores…that when it says past performance under the war score ? , that it means past war performance only………if this is true then perhaps this needs to be clarified and worded differently.

Yes, it is matter that should be finding a solution to stop that behaviour.
I think the will some kind of punishment to those players that do that, those that leave an alliance in the middle of the war. Specially because some of them does it on purpose.
I suggest some ideas for a punishment:

  • the players can not enter into an alliance for some time, f.e. a month
  • or they can not fill the war chest
  • or they can not play some events.

Something must to do with them
What do you think??

I have 1 problem with the player wen leve the ally is remaining in warr Beatles. Is not fear . Why wen is go out in remaining like ex-player . Wee loosing points for nothfing .

Pulled this up as I was coming on to gripe about it. Especially with all the titan merc’ing because of POV, I think alliances should be able to set restrictions on war participation. Let the leaders require membership of a certain number of days before joining in war, or uncheck new members until alliance has vetted. If as a leader I could ban people from war who don’t use flags I wouldn’t be forced to boot people I otherwise like.

Personally I would set it at 14 days or once war chest resets.

Other option is punishment. If you bail in middle of war you cannot war for a certain period of time in any alliance.

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Can’s find answer anywhere - what happens if I leave alliance for an hour during the war, but after spending all 6 flags?
I know points are still counted towards alliance score
I’m probably switched to spectator, but I don’t care since I’ve already used all flags.
Do I still get 100% war chest participation? War reward?

IIRC, you don’t. All I know is that you need to be in the same alliance before the first point out of 25 points filling the war chest for you to have 100% war participation. Leaving and returning results to zero. Of course, I may be wrong as I don’t hop from one alliance to another.

Not since version 18. It only reset to zero if participating in other alliance’s war.

However, I think you need to stay in the alliance until the war is over for the participation to be counted/increased. If I recall correctly my alliance teammate did that and it doesn’t result in 100% even though he participated in all of war.

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