👑 Alliance War leaderboard

I’m sure most alliances can agree we would all like to see where they rank on alliance wars. :slight_smile: please make this happen!:relaxed:

I second this. It would be such a nice feature if we were able to see an alliance’s overall performance compared to other alliances. A leaders board dedicated to alliance wars would be neat. Or, in the very least, it would be neat if SG would implement a win/lose status for players to see when we’re looking at the profiles of other alliances. So that we can have a general idea of how we’re performing compared to the average alliance. Another neat thing would be, is if our alliance war performance was some how factored into our alliance’s overall alliance score. Just some suggestions. cheers :slight_smile:


That’s also a good suggestion. :relaxed:

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I like this idea a lot, but am not sure how it would be implemented. A simple win-loss record wouldn’t represent the true level of alliances, since matchmaking tries to pair similar alliances. They could implement an MMR system, but that would introduce new issues with how to scale loot and matchmaking with the alliance’s ranking. How would you design this system?

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The win/loss was one of three suggestions and was not intended to be linked in with either of the other two suggestions… Furthermore, a win/loss stat within the alliance’s profile, would help towards giving the viewer an idea towards the level of overall performance of the alliance that they’re looking at. Thus helping players to make a more informed decision before deciding whether or not to join that alliance…


@Stormy506 This is a great idea! And some good input @Enigmalynx. I would like to see this added to the game. As I am starting over.

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Thanks for the input shadow!

sadly I am out of votes… but yes please!


Thanks for the input ski…

Any opportunity to give my alliance more bragging rights I would welcome. Some way to prove the claims when recruiting and publicise the huge effort a well oiled alliance puts into conducting wars would be amazing. It has to count for something right?

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Agreed sealth. :slight_smile:

Whereas this is an awesome idea, I’d like to believe that they’ll be working diligently in fixing the war matching system as it is still broken for many man alliances. The numbers win/lose won’t mean a dang thing otherwise…

I firmly believe this is a 2 birds with one stone opportunity. A good war leaderboard could also define matchmaking.

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I think so… they don’t have to match us up on raids too much as we pretty much self select and the better teams end up on top. I imagine that if they did a loot tier with like raids, it will work such that people don’t sandbag as much… well they could do it such that sandbagging doesn’t make sense.

I saw a good retort to this idea from the devs in another thread: Cant have a reliable alliance score because people leave and join alliances too frequently. Of course titan score or alliance ranking does the same thing so…

Well then i am blessed as my alliance(s) are stable.

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Ty for the feedback!

Right now wars are looking like a simply quest. We fight in this wars just to see the status"new war starts soon"… We win, we loose, who cares, after two days everyone forget about it. SG please add some leaderboards, leagues with some nice rewards or at least a war log…

Lets not forget the prizes for the win… as it stands now… it’s laughable… why bother?

I think they should concentrate on getting war sorted out more fair first before doing this

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