Alliance war leaderboard- A good or bad idea with current alliance war scores?

What is the thoughts on an alliance war leaderboard with the current aw scores?
To me it seems like a good next step, having alliance wars for more than 6 months and wars obviously being the main thing dividing top alliances and for all alliances taking the greatest team effort.
Looking at top 20 in the game aw scores is the main factor showing the strength of an alliance as Titan and trophy scores changes all the time by decay and a few wins or loses in raids.
I am not sure if the time is right for implementing war score in alliance score yet, but I would like to have a separate leaderboard for aw for a start, and improve the mechanics from there…


I agree Julia that alliance war leaderboard makes a ton of sense. I can’t even think of a good reason to keep the current alliance leaderboard around since it doesn’t have any meaning.


And with all this talk about top players and alliances only interested in making advantages for them self, implementing aw scores on the leaderboard would probably not be an advantage for my alliance. But I still think it would make it more accurate if the point of a leaderboard is to show the ranking and strength of top 100 teams.

I like the idea. I too would like to see it implemented. But SG has a ton of work to do around this metric as I don’t think it’s an accurate representation of an alliance strength, but rather just one aspect of the alliance. It also doesn’t seem to represent alliances well across the board, just look at all the bad matchups we’re still having…

I think a true alliance leaderboard should factor in more things than just AW score, or titans/cups, but maybe all 3 and more, i.e. total hereos maxed, player(s) average titan damage per titan/element. I know many alliances that are great on titans but suck on wars and viceversa. Some are top heavy whose top 10 do the bulk of the work…

So yes, it would be nice to see this AW leaderboard, but I’d still take it in with a grain of salt until the metric is proven reliable across a high percentage of alliances…


My point is that Titan and cup score is not a more true metric of alliance strength than alliance war score, at least for top 20 alliances it probably gives a more accurate metric as all alliances on top can take down 12* titans and all members get trophies 2600+ with some effort. Not saying it is easy but top 1-10 (20) alliances change ranks on the leaderboard several times a day. Taking down 30 top defenses in war is something else, and no flasks or items can be used for that.
My alliance was #4 yesterday and #10 today taking down 15+ 12* titans back to back.
What I first of all look for in strength of an alliance is their war score and defenses and then the depth of rosters and luck of boards can be a joker in war, but the rosters are usually not a big surprise when looking at war score and defenses…
My concern is if an alliance war leaderboard, either separate or implemented in current alliance score, also will make sense to alliances not being at the top yet?

I actually love this idea! :heart_eyes: Our war score is higher, than some top100 alliances! It would be nice to be in one list. Which, I find little strange, since we usually lose, when our opponent is from top100. That list also could stop some complaints.

Using the current aw scores for a war leaderboard would be very simple, weighing something differently or adding it to alliance scores, is where it can get complicated.
I don’t think implementing war scores to alliance score would be an easy task considering the complaints about mismatches in war.
But positive thinking, I am sure things will level out.
I also expect that no matter how things are balanced, some will feel that it is very unfair, like in raids.

One thing I would like to note: Alliance score and war score measure not just by two different methods, but two different things:

  • Alliance score measures the entire alliance.
  • War score measures that part of the alliance that is eligible for and opted in to alliance war.

Please don’t mix them or think one could be a drop-in replacement for the other.

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Actually I don’t think it is so different. If members are not active on titans and raids it will influence the alliance score, but If members opt out for war before matchmaking you will get an equal opponent either weaker or with fewer members and your alliance should still have the opportunity to win the war, fill the chest and move up in rank/war score.
In that way it is easier to prepare for not being a full alliance for a war than it is on a titan if people not use their hits. Both depends on team work from the entire alliance to succeed but in different ways.

… but they will still contribute to it. It’s rare to see a member with 0 cups.

Whereas low-level members, recent members, and members opted out of war do not contribute to the war score.

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Is that so different from titans being a part of alliance score?
If some members don’t hit the titan or you have new members in with only a few hits you maybe have to call it and then move down in alliance score.
In aw opting out can be planned ahead to not hurt the alliance the same way. The alliance will still get a higher war score if winning the battle even if some opted out.

Winning and losing is only a (small?) part of the war score. A score is calculated for each eligible and opted-in player, summed, and then modified with the recent win/loss history.

If someone opted out, that will give a lower war score, even if they win a war after all.

If someone joins the alliance, that won’t give a higher titan score, unless they actually (and significantly) participate in titan hunts.

If someone eligible joins the alliance and opts in, that will immediately give a higher war score, even if they don’t actually participate in wars at all.

Hello … Good night…

I apologize if I am not on the right topic but I can not find another one where I can put this question … Can someone explain to me how the opposing alliances are attributed? We have had opponents more 10k to 12k than our alliance, which makes victory almost impossible, not to mention that in our attacks sometimes it is the opponent who scores and not us … could they explain to me what changes and how are the adversaries attributed?

Thank you in advance for your attention :slight_smile:

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@agon Take a look at this thread, I think it will answer your questions:
Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

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Thank you very much Julia!!!

For those interested in an Alliance War Leaderboard, please vote in the existing Ideas thread:

đź‘‘ Alliance War leaderboard


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