Alliance war - joining an alliance and war after the match-making done


just wanna know something.

after the match-making, players added to the opponent alliance. so we are 11 players on war but the opponent alliance seem like they were 7 players at their alliance after the match-making done and in 1 one day the other players added to the alliance and now they are 11 too. also there is 1 players joined that allianca about 30 days ago but the rest came in 1-2 days.

So is it normal that to join alliances and wars after the match-making done?

Thank you

You can’t see who is on the field until after the AW begins, so you must have looked at the member roster after you were matched to see the 7 players.

However, I believe that after matchmaking and before the start of AW members can leave and rejoin and still participate in AW and I suspect that you looked at their alliance roster in that period.


Maybe you are right. so this means this kind of players have more than 2 alliances and they are killing titans in one place and having war in another alliance to keep war score low to match with week oppenents.

so maybe SG should rethink about alliance war match making rules. for exp. match making can choose allianceses according to alliance players levels which will be more fair

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Maybe, but I understood that AW matchmaking is based on your AW score which is a function of the top 30 heroes of every participating player. I don’t think Titan score comes into it. I think matching tries as hard as possible to match even numbers on the AW field.

Also they could just be merc’ing rather than all going to another alliance. There are many threads on here regarding AW score manipulation, but I don’t think any of them have definitively identified ways to force easier matches.


They could also be off gathering titan kills for POV, or visiting sister alliances to help them out. Lots of reasons players leave and return to their alliance. Until the war starts you don’t know how many opponents are on the field.

As long as you are in the alliance for matchmaking and for the start of the war you can participate. There is roughly a 24 hour period between those when you can come and go.

Also, there is a +/- 3 member allowance in matchmaking to widen the field of opponents. If you have 11 members in war the opponent could have 8 to 14.


thank you all for your guidance.

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