Alliance war info needed

We just got a beat down by a team with more members and 12000 more points then us. How do they calculate war match ups?

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This may help you

Alliance War matches are made like this, according to the AW change log in FAQ:

Thank you for the info

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It’s really unfair what they are doing. Hopefully they will make it fair.

In vacuum this sounds pretty fair. Why do you think it‘s not?

Uneven matchups. For example their alliance has 20 over 3000 my alliance has 14. This is not including them having 30 defense and my alliance 26.

I have played this game for only a short time, but one easy fix that would impact the alliance war matchmaking easily to the better is to auto-uncheck the participation checkbox for an individual if they were in the last battle and didn’t use any flags at all. This is to remove the idle player from skewing the sides.

Does that but takes 2 days of inactivity

My suggestion is to boot someone if u know they wont be participating in upcoming war

Preferably before matchmaking takes place

The boot button is a wonderful tool that solves just about any problem an alliance can have…


Wow someone used Alby’s special on this thread :grin:


Yea noticed the timeline after i responded :man_facepalming:

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Shouldn’t dormant threads be locked after some time?


You would think…

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I’m pretty sure they’re meant to auto lock, but there’s always some that somehow get necro’d

Alby is an apt reference indeed


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