Alliance War: How the winning points are counted

Aftee the last update I can’t understand how the winning points for the opponent defeating are counted. Two almost equal teams, one of them is a little stronger, with 25/30 members (24 from each side take part in the war), get absolutely different winning points for the battles.

(upload://upGZJ7yGJDbqwuSXu3pbE7Zqe1X.jpeg) ! Could anyone explain me why please?

The sum of every defense = the same points of the other alliance (with few exceptions)
The more health the team have and the lower your members are = the more points will be worth.

Heroes = full points
Defeating the team = 1/2 team (rounded up or down)

Sorry, but I still do not understand. Take for example the two teams - one of Freddy and the other of юличка. Юличка, IF it defeats Freddy get little points, then Freddy, who defeats Юличка easily.

How many teams are participating in the war on each side?

Less teams = more points per team.

Long story short:

  1. each alliance have a setted amount of points
  2. points given to defenses are based on (actual defense HP) /
    (total HP of the defending teams) * (setted amount of Alliance points)

If there are few defending teams then they’ll be worth more points, ex 91 points against 17+34 of a normal team in a 30 man setting

24 members of each side.

Each alliance has a value of 1000 points theoretically*
Inside each alliance, points are divided between teams according to their power.
So you can’t compare two teams in different alliances

  • it can be more than 1000 with rounded sums

Freddy has 2x mana troops on his heroes and the other guy has 1 - those troops do NOT add to the health of the hero like crit or 3* troops do. That’s why identical hero teams on the same alliance can vary in points - because the points are based off the health of the character and some 4* troops give health+ crit bonus and some give mana + healing bonus, and amongst the 3* troops, they all give different amounts of health bonus.

But that means, that an alliance, where many members have teams with 4000 power will get more win points, then another alliance, where none of members have such a strong team.

Why can’t the points related to the team power? This is so unfair to defeat 3773 TP for 74 points when your opponent can defeat 3423 to gain 81 points…

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That’s what I meant. That’s very unfair. The prize for eequal fight should be equal.

with different troops the teams are not equal.

Team power is a meaningless stat that is made up. At least health is quantifiable.

OK. But what about the health of both teams? You really think, that the team of Юличка has more health, then Freddy’s team? With 2 healers?

What do healers have to do with health? It has to do with the hit point stat of each hero (i.e. health. the third hero stat, the one with the heart).

Also, i didn’t realize those weren’t in the same alliance. That makes it even easier as an alliance with fewer people participating in war has MORE points per player, since the number of points for each alliance is a fixed total. Imagine an alliance with just 1 participating member? That member would be worth 2000 points. If there were two members, if they had the exact same team and troops each would be worth 1000, etc. More players means each player is a smaller share of the health pool and thus worth fewer points than if they were in an alliance with fewer players.

So yes, things that affect how many points a team is worth are:

  1. participating alliance members - the number of points is fixed, so fewer participating members mean your heroes have a bigger share of the total hit point of the participating members and thus are worth more points

  2. total max health of your defense team - anything that permanently affects this such as troops that add health bonus, will cause your defense to have more health, which means a bigger % of the participating member health pool and thus more points.

@Dante2377 I believe the total teampoints was recently changed so that the total for the field = 1,500 points. So, a 1 person field = 1,500 and a 2 person = 750.

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you’re right it did change. Different number but the concept stays the same.

I have written above: on each side 25/30 members, 24 in war. But on one side there were 3 teams, worth more, then 80 points, on the other side- none.

that happens sometimes when there is a big disparity in teams on one alliance. That’s totally normal and expected.

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Sorry, what is normally and expected? A disparity in distribution of points?

If you have an alliance with a few teams with 5x80 and big 4 star crit troops a bunch of teams that are mix of 4 and 5 stars and some at the bottom that are mix of 3 and 4 stars, those people at the top will have a much higher point value out of the 1500 points for an alliance than an alliance with everyone who has 5x80. That second alliance will have everyone roughly equal, so everyone will most likely be between 47-53 points. However in the first alliance, the player with the 5x80 team will have a larger% of their alliance’s hit points compared to someone with a 5x80 in the second alliance, so even if a player in alliance 1 has the exact same defense team including the exact same troops and troop level, that player in alliance 1 will be worth more points because they are a larger % of the alliance’s hit points (because that alliance is more lopsided than alliance 2 where everyone is roughly the same).

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