Alliance War Hero Adjustment

Okay, after some venting about the latest changes in the Alliance Wars, I was asked to come up with a more viable solution. With that in mind, I have thought about this…

Instead of heroes only being able to only attack once during the war, why couldn’t the heroes that survived the war still be able to participate in another attack? The hero would be allowed to continue in a new team at the level of health they had at the end of their previous attack. That way the Alliance Wars would be more like and actual war. I mean soldiers aren’t taken out of battle because they get winged. This would also help level the playing field in that it would be more on the merits of the teams individual player created, not because the game took away heroes since they fought once already.
This would also benefit those players that have not built up a large hero supply, but may have some strong heroes. I know many times players are unable to fight in the wars because they don’t have another team available.

Don’t think that this works. The strong members keep strong and are not forced to use their weaker heroes which might make the match more equal.