Alliance War - General Problem

Hi there.
Today I figured out my strategies for AW. For fun I tried to take a basic Def-Team with 1x1* with a 1* Troop. Finally the desciption tells me, that attackers only could get 3+3 Points from defeating me. If all in one ally act like this, attackers only could get a Max-Score from 6 Attacks x 6 Points 36, x 30 Attackers = 1080 Points what is very low. Please change the config of AW. I hope to have fair and interessting fights in future and no dumb equals every time. Yesterday our Ally won a AW with just a few points in front and it was quit interessting to wait till last minutest. I like AW and hope to like it in future too. Maybe you can find another marker for pointsetting. Sorry for the english writing, it’s not my spoken language. Good evening. Hope to hear ya soon.

If everyone in the alliance did that, the points would even out. You’re only worth so few points because you’re so much weaker than everyone else. If everyone did that, it would be 2000/X points per player, where X is the number of players in your alliance.

And you would be easy to kill.


Since Dante was so polite about this, let me be more blunt.

This is a very bad strategy. Every alliance that has tried this has been completely slaughtered. Your alliance mates will talk behind their backs about how you’ve let them down.

Why is this a bad strategy? As Dante said, there are a fixed number of points spread around the alliance teams. The points missing from your team move over to one of your ally’s teams. All you’ve done is give your foe a target they can take out with a single unleveled 3* and some feeders, saving all their good heroes to fight your allies.

The experienced alliances all do the same thing: set the most powerful defense you can muster.

Are you in the 5150 alliance? I brought this up to them about an hour before you posted this here…

It seems that it’s a guaranteed win or stalemate…unless if you squad wipe and lose

Remember, all defenses reset immediately when all of the alliance’s defenses are down. Each reset gives the foe another chance to score 2,000 points. If everyone sets easy teams, you are handing your foes five quick resets and 12,000 points. You lose.

Thanks for the informations. But don’t missunderstood. I don’t want to try this strategy. I was afraid an enemy could do like this with ALL members, so we only could do minimum points (1*3pts+3for win =6 points per win, 36 for the 6 attacks, x 30 members think my math was wrong), while enemy could do ‘normal’ points. Where is my mistake? How do we get 2k for raiding the whole team?

Didn’t read before. Don’t want to waste your time. Just played the daily and saw that there is an upcoming war tomorrow. Next time I 'll take me time to read before. Good hunting

…and no, never heard about 5150…:slight_smile:

The way the game is coded, an alliance with 30 members will have enough points that if all 30 teams are killed will total 2000 points.

It is also coded so that an alliance with 5 members will have enough points that if all 5 teams are killed will total 2000 points.

Why the developers chose 2000 points i’m not sure. But no matter how many people you have or what defenses they set - if all the teams are killed you will give the opponent 2000 points. That is what any alliance is worth in order to keep the game balanced.

Thx. Didn’t know that. Case closed;)

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