Alliance war FULL MADNESS

Hello to any1 that is concerned about alliance wars fairness. Or relevance :smiley:
Check this out, would you like to be on either side?
I do not know how this was paired but we just slaughter all 6 (yes, six!) ppl in there so they respawn.
My concern here is that i do not know the criteria for picking enemies for wars.
Would it be possible for developers to disclosure some info on the matter?

Matching goes by titan score.
No idea how a 6 person alliance has the same titan score as yours.
Unless only 6 of their players participate in the war. 0 score on their side shows a marked lack of interest in AW, to my mind.

Sorry I’m not a developer but I thought I might share some of my observations. The system doesn’t seem to take into consideration the activity of the members. In my opinion it shouldn’t that’s the alliance leader’s responsibility. Most wars that I have noticed the enemy rating seems similar to that of my alliance. On your screen shot your titan score is 122847 (on a side note that’s approximately triple of my alliance). The factor that seems most relevant to win/loss of the war is the participation of the actual members. Then next it seems to be how strong are the “top 30” heroes each member has. Top 30 because you can attack 6 times and any hero you have can only participate in 1 of those 6 battles. Thus creating a training nightmare. Those of us willing to accept the training challenge tend to win wars. So if the other alliance has 30 member like you do but only 6 members cared enough about the war to go to the war screen to set up their defense, then it would likely result in be a severe unbalance in your favor. Hopefully these will balance out as alliances get more into the wars.

That’s one of the reasons I think AW should have its own separate score and have alliances be matched by that. It’s a different animal than Titans and requires different rosters/strategies. Not to mention, some titan killers don’t see the appeal in AW and some PvP players with wide rosters may suck at titan killing.

I’m not sure why so many people are so terrified of losing one or two wars heavily to let the system build up a little data. Honestly I wouldn’t mind getting lolstomped in a war or two while the scores settle down.

It would also be more fair than matching by hero power. Alliance should not be punished with stronger opponents for having a good roster of heroes. They may still completely misuse them/another alliance with a smaller roster may be filled with master tacticians. Judge by war scores, not preparation skills.


I am sick of AW all together now…sick of having to participate twice a week, sick of the match making being so screwed up, sick of the BS “rewards”…just in general fed up with the whole process. Not sure where the logic is that if two alliance can each kill the same star titan then they are an automatic good match up for AW, the two aspects of the game have nothing in common. To me, it is a case of the devs taking the lazy way out in making match ups instead of putting in some thought and making a good solid match making system. Next thing I hope they release is an opt out feature so I don’t have to play this stupid feature anymore. Rant over, feel better…:grinning::grinning:


I’m sorry you feel that way Chuck. You know me…I’m enjoying War (and we have lost a few).

I’m interested—as it goes forward—to see if:

  • Alliances will settle into pro- and non-War Camps
  • Loot will improve (pleeeease!)
  • The metric for match selection will change

I can count on you to tell me the truth, I know! :wink:

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In fairness, the devs responded quickly to implement titan score as a better (though not ideal) match - they have been working on something for a while now and my sense (just my sense) is the next beta will have a huge update. Hopefully the matching is something they address in it.