Alliance war frequency


So, this suggestion is more for my alliance than from me personally. I really like the wars, but multiple people in my alliance find twice a week a bit much.
And for me, I would like the days and starting times to shift (I know the starting times are different for wednesday and saturday, but I mean really shift).
So, my suggestion would be every 6 days - 2 hours (or +3 or whatever :wink: ).

Or, and don’t tell my alliance, make it every 5 days…:wink:


I would also like to see more variability in the start times - the most recent one (the Wednesday one) starts at 5am-ish in the morning for me, which means I miss the critical ending of the war and basically have to hit before I go to bed or risk sleeping through 3 hits.


It would be better if if rotated like everything else and only once a week. Say every 121 hours (just under 5 days) then it would catch different time zones and days of the week over time. Weekends aren’t always good for people and 2 AW regularly a week is too much


Once every 5 days, lasts 36 hours and increase rewards proportionally to the fact war happens less frequently to make participating in wars more rewarding. Grant all 6 flags immediately, and make it so each of a persons 5 preset teams become thier consecutive defense teams with a defense team respawn of at least 1 hour.


Hate the wars. Hate the boosts given to the defending team. Gate the Inconsistancy of the points awarded. Please make them stop. Maybe a group Titan or something but the Wars give me a lot of anxiety. They trigger PTSD.


Individual opt out is coming. Until then, if they cause you distress, just remove your defense team and don’t participate. Not being snarky here. I’m serious. There are several alliances that don’t do wars.


Individual opt out is going to be really great … I can see some in the beginning … “Arggg I forgot to opt in again”.

This will give everyone what they want. You can have an alliance of 30 fighting wars 15 vs 15 as example. Gonna be great.


Thank you for the opt out option. I understand that leaving my alliance is an option, but my husband and I are on the same one and it is unfair to me (and my alliance) to leave; especially when I joined the game prior to Wars being a thing. I would NEVER have joined the game with the Wars as part of the game.

I await the opt out option anxiously.



You can opt out now without hurting your alliance