Alliance War flag lost on timeout

Today I started an Alliance War battle. Even before I did a first tile matching I was distracted and when I came back to continue a battle I saw a message that I was inactive for too long. As a result I’ve lots an AW flag and 5 heroes that I in fact haven’t used.

Can this mechanism of timeout be implemented in a more user friendly way? At least if I didn’t move, roll back this round and restore a flag and heroes as not used.

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Playing devil’s advocate, could you load the board, see that you don’t have a good match of strong colour down the middle and just leave it to reset?

You could repeat the timeout until you got a lovely 5 match.


You are allowed to fight or get distracted in a war battle for 10 minutes. I know it because I was fighting someone for 10 minutes and nobody won, but the Game said “Defeated” because it took too long time for a battle. Soooo, 10 minutes…

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Well, this could be a way of cheating the game in case number of such timeouts is unlimited. So the limit can be defined. Something like once in 12 hours or once in a AW session. This could be traide off between user friendliness and protection agains cheating.


This looks like a different case. You were active in the game, but you ran into the situation when neither team could defeat an opponent. In this case time limit looks reasonable as well as a decision that defense team won, because everything other than killing all defense heroes means that they protected themselves successfully.

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