Alliance war - finally good loot

I was always complaining about war loots.
Today thats what I got!

Thank you! This is really something to make wars even better!



Good loot? What good loot? You got lucky, I’m on my 10th war and I’ll I’ve gotten was a hero token

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That is nice. I once got a trap tool on defeat. Havent got any luck with good loot on victory lol

I also got a sturdy shield for victory, and one of my teammates got poison darts. There have been a lot of updates recently, maybe they boosted the loot a bit?

I would Love to be this Lucky more often! :wink:

11 wins here and only 1 compass - very disappointing loot. Especially for me, as those compasses I can just throw at people when there are no gloves around.

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All of a sudden 1 shield made everything better??

hey it is the little things that count.

After a month of nothing yes it makes us feel better.

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We find 2-3 in our alliance get an unfarmable per war.

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And that is embarrassing from SG

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So the other 28 players get trash for their “victory” effort.

I’ve got 10 straight wins with 2 accounts in the same alliance with no rare items at all. Dust and Fine Steel have been my highlights. I have stopped working on developing 30 heroes and just focus on my top 10.

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