Alliance War Fighting

I Think That You Should be able to use your characters more then just three fights. For example, I Have Five Teams, but only allowed to use them 3 times. Should be allowed to use your strongest team more then just three fights. Once you use your strongest team you’re not allowed to use it to fight again. Should be allowed to keep fighting till the end of the war time.

I’m not sure I understood this. What 3 times do you mean? Each hero in Alliance War can be used only once.

I disagree with this and do not believe SG will ever go back.

SG makes money on people trying to boost their team to 30+ heroes.

Why do I disagree?

  1. It involves a lot more strategy (for me = fun) to pick, choose and fight with sub-optimal teams
  2. The thrill of victory is greater (for me)
  3. I like adding #3 to a lot of lists, I don’t know why but that is also fun.
  4. My enemies could also do it, which would not be fun
  5. there would be even more complaining.
  6. The functionality brings more of a point to having more than 15 heroes.

You are still a great human being. I merely disagree with this suggestion.

I’d say that it was the other way round: players complained about having redundant heroes, produced by training camps of various levels and that those heroes have no real use since people usually rely on a much smaller set of heroes for farming, raiding and titan fighting.

No, I am saying that with the current configuration, SG makes more money because the glitzy heroes are exciting and fun.

It puts more playability into the ‘redundant’ heroes, and more people playing longer translates into more money for SG-- even the free players mean more money because that boosts their numbers to the investors.

Previously? Sure. People ate 4* by the sack full because “they already had one”
Now? People keep that skittleskull because “OMG the next war team might have blue tanks”

An alliance mate said to me that the optimal war team composition involves 12 heroes of every color no lower than 3/60. I told him “Eff you. I’m going to sleep. You hate money. Stop spending.”

You are allowed to Fight Three times in the war with which ever team you want or have. Yes you can only use the Heroes once. I think you should be allowed to use whatever Heroes you have as many times as you want till the end of war.

Thank you for the clarification. Now I see what you mean.

If it were allowed to use same heroes several times it would change a balance of forces. Currently you can use your strongest heroes only once and it gives a chance to defenders. In the other case strongest attack teams will wipe out all the defenses. The original idea of giving life to heroes not demanded by raids and titan battles will fail.

You mean 6 times at the start of the war it 3 but if your alliance meet requirement you will get 3 more attempts. Meaning you need total of 30 heros. personally im fine with this.

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