Alliance war feedback

We have now been through our first alliance war and my alliance members are very happy with this new event. We do have a couple of suggestions: the awarded loot should be commensurate with your final place in the war, however, that didn’t happen in our case. I placed 3rd and got a hidden blade (ascension item) in my loot. Both the first and second place members did not receive an ascension item at all, but rather a few battle items, etc. If those are the awards we can expect then it doesn’t pay to be at the top.
The use of heroes only once; for the most part this is good, but it would be better if you could choose maybe 3 heroes at the beginning of the war to be able to reuse, or maybe your defense team could be designated as reusable.
Last suggestion: we think that the added attack mode is a bit much. Suggest that the number 25% should be less, maybe 15%.
Thank you.

I’ve placed first in both my wars and in Titan damage but my teammates get better stuff. There is no benefit in being first but im told that this is just back luck and to keep going for first place.

For titan yes, for wars it is unknown (but we’re assuming)

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It’s just luck. I also scored top damage in my war & got an orb, which I was super-happy about. Next time, it’ll be zilch. Same as always. :slight_smile:


Given how the points work, I strongly disagree with the idea of loot tiers within the alliance. Half the points are awarded for completing a victory and are collected by the ally on cleanup. The hard work of taking down the center tank and a couple of supports was done by someone using strong teams and good strategy; cleanup is easier.

If you start handing out better loot for more points, allies will be working to maximize their personal flags instead of winning the war.



Wars are a team effort. Players should not receive individualised rewards.


It would be great if the 30 players received an orb. I got better loot on the second when I was 12th on my ally than the first when I was 6th.
Since it’s a team effort, rewards should come to everyone who did their job.

There are only two war loot tiers: Victory and Defeat. But just as everyone who gets a B grade on a Titan doesn’t get the same loot, there also randomness in the war loot, even within a tier.

That doesn’t bother me so much as the general slenderness of the victors’ rewards.

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