Alliance war extra FLAGS

Had 1 guy hit two member’s at the same time and used 4 flags in first 5 minutes then my alliance was wiped out reset us and showed they had 53 FLAGS impossible…

Do you have screenshots of the attack log and battlefield?

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Yes I have one shows the first two hits and him hitting two players simultaneously…

I think, it’s just game bug, where that one attack shows, that he is still attacking that team(even if he is not anymore), but is already attacking the second one. If look those points, he already got those from another team. Look that point table, has he actually hit that one team more than once?

That’s possible.

@CAPTAINPOOSE can you show the whole score sheet and the enemy alliance roster?

It’s possibly an identical name, names don’t have to be unique.

Just thinking of possible causes

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He hit both twice also got 4 flags in first round and reset my alliance with 53 flags left…

I could if I must but I checked out the main possible for it nothing to show just a bug they got extra hits and I am just reporting that we were unable to get close because they had extra hits it was not one the team was able to hop players and get extra flag…

For me that picture shows, that another team is already beaten. There is clock over it and no heroes alive. It seems that vs symbol is only freezed there. I have seen, that many times, but never extra hits. I don’t say it’s not possible, but I really would check that attack log.

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I did and I will go and screenshots of the log shows 4 hits for each of the other team not him whole team did it it’s just s simple glitch I’m sure

@JonahTheBard - there is another thread with a similar problem of an opponent with more than usual flags for attack:

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