Alliance War Extra Attacks

This for the game admin…
If you look at alliance war conducted today and will be concluded tomorrow between Jeet’s alliance and The house of phoenix, you would notice that player DEE has attacked 6 times while all participants attacked 3 times…

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Errr maybe a screen shot could be helpful as I can’t see player dee attacks?

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He got all his 6 flags 20 min ago. Maybe that is why. Is not forbbiden to attack at 12h mark.

Idk i’m just saying…


No Bugs here. All alliance members get a total of 6 war attack flags. 3 in the first 12 hours of the war then an additional 3 at the 12 hour mark.

You can use your 6 war attacks at any time in the war after they become available.

For more info about Alliance Wars you can check out the Official SGG explanation:

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