Alliance war energy flasks?

Right now I’m watching an enemy player go on 6 consecutiven attacks in less than 10 minutes.
Another player on their alliance did the same thing earlier in the war.

Are their war energy flasks to be had, or is this some type of bug in the Alliance War program?

Either way, I’d really like to know how they did that so we can do the same. It was a close battle until these 2 rattled off 6 attacks each.

What’s up?

Simple, don’t attack in the first 12 hrs then you have 6 attacks

Yer @Checker is right. Unlike the other energies, in wars you start with three and get another three after twelve hours. So you can play all 6 in a row after 12 hours, if you like.

Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was like Titan energy, where you have a maximum of 3 turns at any given time .

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