Alliance War eliminate Arrow Barrage & limit healers

Wrong, they reduce the chances of doing this. In each AW I defeat teams with 300 points above mines. And often I failed on team with same power. Arrows are just another factor. Stones are the real factor.

The giggest issue with Arrows is that the frequency of the attack grows greater as you kill your opponents heroes. Thats the problem. See when you are fighting an army in any other game when you take out defenses you expect all defenses to get reduced, not expand. Its pretty hard to wrap your head around this when you are in the fight. Also the power of the arrows get stronger as you take out heroes. Again, goes against what one is used to. Now Arrows will never get stronger than that of the teams original power score, but the arrows do make up for power points lost when you tAke a hero. This is why you cant simply get ambitious and take on a team with way more team power and win.

Since the Developers dont hear our calls to remove arrows from war the only thing we could ask for is that Arrows power gets reduced as we take out opposing heroes and that the frequency never increases to make up for lost opponent team power points. That would be so much better than what wehave now.

BTW a change like what I recommend (or just getting rid of arrows completely) would take care of the issues you have with opposing defense teams posting too many healers. We really dont need to reduce healer usage, we need to reduce Arrows.

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Limiting healers would be unfair, simply because one should have the right to use ones heroes how they please. Other wise, if the healers are limited then other changes have to be made. One of which could be only having 4* teams vs 4* teams and 3* vs 3* or other strategy limiting rules.

The point I’m trying to make is, “keep it simple, it works better”. LeAve it be!:grin:

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When facing arrows bring some healers of your own, problem solved.

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The arrows are the only thing that make Alliance Wars fair for the defender. If you go after a team with 2+ healers that’s great because those heroes are not killing you with their deadly specials. Although they are still working on the match-making algorithm, I believe that Alliance Wars have been well thought out and set up.

Even though I hate the arrows I feel like I can embrace your explanation. It’s true that we are all starting to add more and better healers and the arrows in that case certainly help the defense team. I don’t think I’ll ever come to love them, but perhaps I won’t hate them so much now :roll_eyes:

I agree, get rid of the arrows. This should be a team raid, similar to normal raids but with teams. That’s already a big difference.

If not, have the arrow damage scale up to higher leveled alliances. Many newer and average teams have a huge disadvantage even without the arrows, especially with the mismatches that are going on now. I understand the human vs AI argument, but the arrow damage as it is now only seem to balance out the war for top alliances facing each other. Smaller alliances already have a hard time even without the arrows, and so these arrows should do much less damage at this level of play.

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My original suggestion has always been to remove them for teams over 3000 power so we can have a more “equal” battle. Keep them to help boost teams under 3000 power. Maybe it would encourage more attack teams to pick on someone their own size instead of just beating up on the weaker teams.

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I hated arrows at first and still they can be pita, but I always wanted to take on the strongest team with my best squad at the start and then struggle with weaker teams against arrows. With time you’ll just learn to pick right heroes for the right opponents. In the last war I was still able to beat 3888 team with 33xx in second half of the war, and not all of my heroes were even maxed.

Sure, the arrows hurt—but they hurt your opponents when they are on offense just as much as they hurt your offensive teams.

Without arrows, in raiding I can win about 85% of the time—of course, that’s with my pick of my heroes fresh, but still it shows that the basic raid mechanics still favor offense. The arrows are essential to creating a more realistic balance between offense and defense,

As it is, I’m thrilled if my 4100-Power defense can last three shots, and happy if it absorbs two. Take away those arrows, and I’m betting I’ll get one-shot every time.


I think it is unfair and contradicts the whole idea of a Alliance war, partly warring with your best.
One doesn’t even get a chance to fight before being barraged loosing 1/4 of your energy and because they gain mana much faster you don’t
stand a chance when they follow with specials.
Take a look at it, maybe there is a glitch.

Our alliance seems to have no problems with the arrows. I lost one and won 5 this time.

I take three strong hitters and two off color healers into each battle. That’s the reason for leveling multiple healers.


Simply put all forms of war aid are necessary to avoid the wars being just another series of raids. I for one must say that unless Small Giant has something to prevent the drudgery of making it no different than 6 more raid attacks twice a week they need to keep all forms of war aid up. If someone knows of anything in beta and is willing to share I would be interested, but otherwise I ask everyone to please consider if you want what feels to me like another 6 raids each week twice a week before voting.
Also just as an afterthought new war aids are welcome if and when developers have the time, but if we remove any single war aid we will just repeat the issue of wars as raids.

Please don’t remove war aids due to risk of making everything a repeat of raids.

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Why not make it even more simple, war aide, no matter which aide, go both ways during battle, arrows first time hit you, next time hit them, healing same first time you next time them, etc war aide should be for both teams

I think healers are ruining this game…been playing for nearly a year and built up 6 decent teams for wars. Have started an alliance and have immense fun with my members, some I would call friends.

Recently I raided a much weaker team, had 1000 less cups than I and the ratio for me to win was 19/42. Imagine my surprise when I could not even get a single hero to half strength. Then in overtime I hardly scratched the surface of the the other team. I am too far advanced with an attacking team to start incorporating healers just to compete. I suspect someone in the programming team has a soft spot for healers and recently they are getting too strong, the balance has been lost and the game us getting too frustrating, this is eroding the fun of the game.

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