Alliance War eliminate Arrow Barrage & limit healers

Arrows are not wanted because they are a HUGE DISADVANTAGE and basically unfair when you have no forged items to use to help fight a team full of healers. It is also a DISADVANTAGE to allow one to set their defense team with more than 2 healers. LIMIT USE OF HEALERS PLEASE … ELIMINATE ARROWS PLEASE . Or at the least allow the use of forged items to balance out the fight. Please consider and THANK you so much.strong text

I agree with the elimination of arrows, at least for teams over 3000 power. As for healers, i don’t like to tell other players how to mansgc their teams. Healers, colour sracking is fine with me. As long as they offer a strong defense and don’t use poor sportsmanship.


Lol, moaning started
Don’t forget your teams also use arrows so it’s fair as everyone is in the same situation


If they eliminated the arrows then it’s still equal.

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Defensive teams use arrows to have some advantage. That’s the way it is.
The other thing is that “regular” raiding is way too easy. Everyone know that you can kill 4100+ team with 3500 team. It happens due to AI design and probably to motivate players’ ego, lol)
If the real, online pvp could be possible, you’d never win in such situation. Arrows make the power balance more realistic.


Well, I can still pout and say I don’t like the arrows :slight_smile:

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I don’t like lottery that makes people spend money, so what?
I don’t like the necessity to farm recruits every day to run my training camps.
I don’t like a lot of stuff here like many more people, but they don’t come crying to the forum saying “I got killed by arrows, so please remove them from the game, boo hoo hoo”

You are obviously not a princess!

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I agree with removing the arrows. However, I don’t agree with the limiting of healers. I have gotten pretty much only healers due to the luck/unluck of the draw. I still have to use Bane, who I have had pretty much since I started, as an attacker. I have three 4s. All healers. I keep hoping for another 4 and hopeful an attacker but no luck. Keep pulling 3s. Trust me, I’m working as fast as I can to level up sovI can train sonething higher. Until then, all I can do is save gems, spin the 300 gem wheel, and have Bob Barker say “Better luck next time.” when I get another 3.


I don’t get the Healers argument. Get rid of Arrows, hell yeah!!! I can’t tell you how many times I was in a position to beat a team and yes those ■■■■ arrows, you can’t defeat and get stronger as you eliminate opponent heroes comes and ends my team.


Is that a viable strategy?, just load your defense team with healers? I will admit I was down to my last two healers and fighting a defense team with their last two healers and thanks to the arrows there was no getting a leg up against the opposing healers. We actually ran out the clock in this battle and of course it always goes to the defending team if it’s a draw.

Depends on what you have to throw at the defenses. I’ve used all healer defenses, but they can be ground down with strategic retreats if the opposing alliance has the attack numbers to use. That was under the older system, which had a one-man alliance, me, against larger numbers of weaker opponents. I won more than I should have by the numbers because too many just gave up I think.
A really good offense team can punch holes in one too. I’m pretty sure I could crack my AW defenses with my top raid team.

I think the arrows are great.

I see no good reason to remove them. Without them its just “raiding” and we have enough flags for that as it is.


I see the need for something like the arrows. As others have suggested though, some sort of variety of effect would be nice. Whether less direct damage but additional damage over time, or a debuff, or healing or buffing the defenders, randomly picked, something other than just the brute force damage the current arrows give would be welcome to me.

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Offense teams should have the option to select an extra offense item to counter balance arrow attacks. What is it going to hurt ? The arrows hurt more than the defense does. Lol.

If they are going to keep the arrows it would be nice to use extra items to help in the fight … like in events you can choose items and fighting titans you can choose … why is it the defending team has the extra punch !!! NOT FAIR … BOOO !!!

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I think the arrows are ok, they bring some balance to the AW fights…
It means that you cant use a 3* supporter for attacking a 4 to 5* defence Team…
Wars would be ok without arrows as well, for that its just another requirement for winning!

It happened with me as well … one healer … rigard … my team full … arrows flying … time runs out and it is my team that gets defeated by rigard and arrows . Booo !

I guess you just have to factor in the arrows when deciding which team to arrack.

We know that when raiding it’s quite possible to knock out teams a couple of hundred points higher than yours, the arrows just nullify this.

I’ve been over-ambitious recently and had to use my first three teams to defeat a team I would expect to beat 2 times out of three.

I like the idea of a defence item. How about a seige-shield that you could use to defend one of your team from the arrows? (Anyone seen the Spartans in 300??)

Or, to add further complexity, one seige-shield for every 100 points you are below your opponent?

I find that arrows devalue slow mana heroes, especially down the roster. I’d like to be able to give them cover until they are useful.

It happens to all of us. AW should be different to raids.

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