Alliance War Disconnect or Getting knocked off while doing quests or raids

I wouldn’t have mind if this is the first time but this is the second war where I got disconnected and lost energies and the ability to use 5 heroes again. I haven’t even started the attack, the board was just about to show and boom!!! the game just blanked out. I am pretty sure it is not my internet connection or my device, every other thing I do are ok --> quests, titan battles, no problem! It’s ok if I can resume the attack without loosing anything, but I can’t, it can get frustrating if this keeps on happening. I haven’t had this problem before, please do something about this, I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this.

One of my team members also has this problem, every time she choses someone to attack the game stops working (actually, she has many problems with the game since the latest update). It’s annoying especially because we are constantly being matched with teams that we have no chance against and every point counts.

Same here also yesterday before the war even started when I went to check the battlefield it said we already lost the war and flickered back and reset. So if we lose the war today it’s probably set up that way

Hello. I was disconnected two times this day (august 4th around 8PM in France) . First time the game crashed before i attack. Second time it disconnected just after i killed the fifth hero… sooooo bbbooorrring…

Also had the same problems today with war and in titan I lost all flags and was unable to use my 5 stars again and scored 0 points this is frustrating and j have spent a lot of money o this game but if it always like this j wont be playing much longer.

I had SAME problem… but won the attack then the system couldn’t connect and then said I lost??? Can’t use same lineup and also lost attack flag. This is BS has happened before… Devs please check my war log and you can easily verify what I’m talking about… very frustrating!

This is the 3rd time , once per war for the last 3 wars that I either win and it disconnects giving me a 0 score .or like today I didn’t even get to play in the war and it still gave me a 0 score and lost my flag and 5 heroes… need this ■■■■ fixed, I’m getting pissed off. I’ll post some pics of the last war where I won then it froze and I got a 0 score… but I can’t figure out how to put pics on here ,ffs

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This has happened to at least 3 people in our alliance this war. Attack, get booted, lose flag, use of hero and get zero points.

Guess we just suck it up and deal with it.

This happened to me too… attacked, won, got zero points, it was just a reload-mark on the player I attacked, and I couldn’t get out of the war-page.
Restarted the game, and attacked again. Lost one flag, all the points I didn’t get for winning the last round, and my heroes were marked as used.
Lost the second attack, tho…

This has happened to me at least half a dozen times.

Today I defeated an opponent and should have got 76 points for my team and got 0. I have a video but that is not a supported upload format.

I ran into the same problem today again.
But this time I played on my PC with emulator and 100% solid trustworthy 75 megabit cord internet connection with 100% no disconnects in that moment.

This is just some bug of the game that happens randomly, not dependant of player or his device/internet connection, but puts a person in an frustrating situation.

Almost every war this happens with someone in my ally. This war it hapens 3 times with different players.

Same thing here way to offen. Im tired of wasting my money on this game.

Come on guys you made the game fix it. You’re knocked off when you do any Quest raids can’t do anything in maps either the only time it doesn’t knock it off is when you’re leveling up troops and heroes

Come on guys how can you up the reroll but not fix the game you obviously we’re already in the game. I would like to play the game but what’s the sense if I’m going to be knocked off especially doing raids.

Yeah, you guys should make it that we can RESUME where we left off, this way we don’t lose energies/heroes (in war) and continue the fight after we get knocked off the game. You are not loosing anything too so it’s a win-win for both players and the devs. RESUME is the only way to solve this problem because it’s nobody’s fault when we get disconnected.

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Hi I’m facing the same problem it’s the third time till now i deffet mythe enemies team then the game stopps and i loose every thing. Thats realy disappointing… hope you fix this issue a

I was thrown out of the battle. I was winning. I’ve lost my best team and scored 0 points. Absolutely unacceptable. I’m really disappointed I think I’ll uninstall

Same for me, just had my team set up, pressad attack and it was just loading until i got thrown out. So flag was used and 0 point.

Just happened me too.

I defeated a player in War and it went back to the battlefield screen. It has the load button over the player I defeated and you can’t exit the screen.

Looks like this is happening quite a bit…

I appreciate that this looks like my connection dropped but there were no issues with it.

Oct 24 2018, I finished killing an enemy team and then lost connection. It never showed the team as dead on the battle field nor gave me points but it did take my flag???
Really your developers dont understand a transaction? If this were banking the money woul leave my account as soon as I talked to the cashier and if I did not follow through and give them the withdraw slip, I would recive no money and yet have my account debited. This is very straight forward programming for transactions and database person understands. contact me and I can create a user story for your back log if needed or explain the coding needed.

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