Alliance War: did not receive full points for eliminating opponent

Just checking if this is a bug or something? But I did not get the full 1500 points for eliminating the opponent.

Don’t get your problem.
1500 points is normal (2x)
720+781=1501 (so 1 more than usually, might be rounding or healing)

Why not? You get even 2 more points.

I think he’s referring to his oneshot worth 1495 point (he is the blue one, not the red)

If I remeber right I’ve seen cases like this before here on the bug section, probably it’s worth writing to the support. Match would have been 6002-6002

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Ok, when you use 1 team to beat the opponent, you get 1500 full points. If you use 2 teams to beat the same opponent, you get 1501 points total.
The problem came in after half time when I beat him with 1 team, and I got 1495 points instead of 1500.

Yup. That was on point! :slight_smile:

Stupid me. Again I saw “warning colour” RED first…:woman_facepalming: definitely need more coffee.
Points you get in war refer to opponents team HPs. Currently nothing comes in my mind, that could have reduced the opponents HP :thinking:

This was a similar case, 1495 points for the first oneshot of the match.
Contact Support and attach your screenshot, it’s the better thing to do.


Correct account right?

Correct account 1494 points

Purposeless topic … informational only …
Mr. Moderator, you can close the topic. Thanks

Here is what likely happened: The war started and the defense was set. After the war started, your opponent added emblems to a hero and increased the hero’s maximum health or leveled up a troop and increased a hero’s maximum health. Because the war had already started, the hero’s health does not increase. Points are awarded for damage done. You get 1500 points for dealing the maximum damage.

Since the heroes were not at maximum health when you attacked, you did not get maximum points for your first attack. After you beat the defense the first time, the defense reset, and this time the heroes all had their maximum health. When you beat the defense the second time, you did the maximum damage, so you got the full 1500 points. Does that make sense?

Also, this is a duplicate of No full points for eliminating opponent (which is probably a duplicate of many other similar threads). @zephyr1 sorry to bother you again - do you happen to know if this is

  1. officially documented and/or recognized behavior - I know, I know, is anything officially documented?
  2. if this has at least been confirmed by SG as appropriate behavior?

I think that I’m sensitive to this as I’ve been soloing in an alliance for a month or so, so I see it regularly myself. I know that for big alliances this is unlikely to occur, but the smaller the alliance is, the more likely it is to show up. In either case, five points can make the difference between winning, losing, or drawing. It’d be nice to know that this behavior has been officially acknowledged by SG.


I believe that SG has officially acknowledged that the game exists, but with the reminder that that’s subject to change. :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, not really. The Support site is quite sparse on details of game mechanics, as are the in-game tooltips.

I doubt there’s anywhere we can point to as authoritative for the details on this.

We might have some more mileage here if we can gather multiple reports and get a developer to take a look.

A Forum bug report is useful to collate efforts, but this sort of bug is assisted by having Support tickets submitted too, so it’s easier for them to investigate the game logs.

@FloKi if you haven’t already, can you please submit a ticket through the game Support option in addition to this? How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

And @Benn, can you help me identify some of the duplicate threads so I can merge them?


thanks @zephyr1,

I already sent reporting the error

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I submitted a bug report about the issue awhile back, and it was a total waste of time, and it was as if the support person from SG hadn’t even bothered to read the bug report that I wrote. But, it is definitely tied to embleming up heroes during an active war.

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